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Spell check of poultry

Correct spelling: poultry

fillet, roast, tripe, chop, hot dog, spareribs, ham, Canadian bacon, tenderloin, venison, smoked sausage, loin chop, meat loaf, meat pie, veal, mutton, sausage, cutlet, lamb, bacon, flesh, meat, sirloin, hamburger, beef, porterhouse steak, brisket, fowl, roast beef, wiener, domestic fowl, liver, pork, minute steak, frankfurter, turkey, lamb chop, ground beef, chicken, flank, kidney, bird.

Examples of usage:

1) During 1970 for example, events at the park included a poultry judging, four dog shows, four sewing club events and one rabbit show. - "Frying Pan Farm", Elizabeth Brown Pryor.

2) I had often seen her at poultry and agricultural shows, where their farm products usually carried off any number of prizes. - "My Home In The Field of Honor", Frances Wilson Huard.

3) I then told the boys to hurry to the farm yard and open all the gates so that the poultry and cows could have free access to the entire estate, which is closed in by a wall. - "My Home In The Field of Honor", Frances Wilson Huard.