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Spell check of plutocrat

Correct spelling: plutocrat

fat cat, tycoon, capitalist, moneybags, deep pocket, money, have, Croesus, aristocrat, silk stocking.

bankrupt, pauper, beggar, have-not.

Examples of usage:

1) And when, later on, Leverett Whyland became less the " good citizen" and more the " plutocrat"- a course perhaps inevitable under certain circumstances- he would sometimes smile over those unsuccessful advances and would ask himself to what extent the discouraging unfaith of our Abner might be responsible for his choice and his fall. - "Under the Skylights", Henry Blake Fuller.

2) It might be more than interesting, don't you think, to be minister to the pleasures of a modern plutocrat with a large P? - "The Woman in Black", Edmund Clerihew Bentley.

3) When one is attached to an active American plutocrat in the prime of life one need not have many dull moments. - "The Woman in Black", Edmund Clerihew Bentley.