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Spell check of pluck

Correct spelling: pluck

grittiness, commit, intrepidness, charge, shear, rupture, spunk, rob, gutsiness, thieve, pull, root for, douse, buck, stamina, roll up, devotion, cull, cast, tenacity, tweak, boldness, twine, snare, drench, pull off, ramble, overcharge, fine-tune, toughness, glom, guts, intestinal fortitude, preen, carry off, fortitude, heartiness, pinch, accost, seethe, tug, negociate, wave, stubbornness, plop, plump down, haul, hustle, valor, sand, intrepidity, plonk, hit it up, clean, congratulate, overstretch, turn over, steadfastness, indomitability, confidence, sneak, plunk, solicit, peck, imbue, braveness, pride, pick, lift, piece, staunchness, break up, pull out, yank, decisiveness, pull up, dress, bullheadedness, perseverance, put in, extract, plunk down, resolution, attract, backbone, rend, tirelessness, snap, rive, fleece, roll out, hook, heroism, draw in, wander, deplume, stray, wind, draw, clump, rip, pull in, moxie, fiber, snitch, undulate, valiance, wrap, abstract, roam, wrench, nobble, faithfulness, addict, snarf, fearlessness, determination, indefatigability, foot, take out, bust, manage, surcharge, sop, overload, wheel, diligence, shoot, plump, roll, dowse, grit, persistence, cop, gazump, draw out, purloin, flap, pluckiness, pawn, knock off, pick off, draw off, filch, deplumate, bustle about, displume, stoutness, audacity, intoxicate, soak, blame, fervency, courage, pilfer, rove, nerve, courageousness, inebriate, mettle, vagabond, perpetrate, tear, trueness, plunge, find fault, clop, swan, bravery, plank, souse, dive, get out, force, flump, constancy, bustle, drift, hock, shoot down, dauntlessness, nibble, daring, draw away, clunk, beak, bring off, crochet, range, cabbage, revolve, primp, plume, swipe.

faintheartedness, undercharge, push, pusillanimity, indecisiveness, thrust, heave, cowardice, timidity, cravenness, irresoluteness, cowardliness, spinelessness, vacillation, irresolution, timorousness, gutlessness, dastardliness, shove.

Examples of usage:

1) There was pluck in him. - "The Greater Power", Harold Bindloss W. Herbert Dunton.

2) A little pause, and then: You've got pluck. - "Fortitude", Hugh Walpole.

3) You've got pluck- my eye! - "Fortitude", Hugh Walpole.