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Spell check of plot

Correct spelling: plot

measurement, biz, screen, valuation, estimate, rank, guess, municipality, methodize, conception, while, suppose, city, property, neighborhood, integrate, rationalize, arrange, figure, contrive, bandage, count, ruse, study, nation, underscore, schedule, parable, dodge, control, grid, prosaicness, enumerate, canton, darn, outline, mark, short story, suspense, multiply, words, think, propose, consideration, enumeration, sort, organize, deduction, thought, arithmetic, dapple, artifice, enactment, prose, saga, graveyard, array, tactic, contour, burial ground, star, fiction, right, system, triangulation, novel, aside, anecdote, backstory, reading matter, mediate, commonweal, mend, spell, chronicle, epic, action, reminiscence, arrangement, atlas, conclude, judge, chart, quarter, stratagem, tale, fleck, establish, country, grid reference, Shire, zone, story line, trick, conclusion, arrangements, happen, assessment, schematize, shape, infer, anticipation, movement, approximation, treachery, colony, calculate, dry land, novella, invention, measure, unfolding, idea, coordination, coordinate, account, churchyard, collusion, total, judgement, statistics, grade, conspiracy, unsnarl, weave, territory, calculus, scheme, trickery, set, surmise, adjust, value, spot, orchestrate, trick of the trade, beat, denouement, clearing, group, patch, weigh, fix, compose, marshal, prepare, acreage, proposition, reckoning, comic relief, region, subordinate, county, tactics, form, allegory, add, computation, province, determination, wrinkle, grave, settle, plan, inference, district, program, episode, conservancy, state, machination, climax, quantification, speckle, content, cast, maculation, story, deception, premeditate, presumption, cemetery, tally, temporary hookup, invent, headstone, frame, legend, storyline, secret plan, multiplication, planned, classify, diagram, estimation, design, eyepatch, stratify, land, appraisal, belt, intend, approximate, serial, consider, stamp, progress, plot of ground, kingdom, development, algebra, presume, enclosure, class, bailiwick, underline, plat, collate, Trojan horse, evaluate, collude, division, expect, maneuver, gauge, assess, subterfuge, separate, connive, retelling, check, harmonize, boundary, order, narrative, method, support, calculation, borough, evaluation, preparation, type, pitfall, supposition, anticipate, tract, unify, agreement, conspire, town, area, myth, maintain, cross out, ploy, graveside, expectation, conservation area, mathematics, device, corridor, hatch, field, triangulate, rate, plainness, circuit, earldom, parcel, premeditation, ad-lib, border, spin, retell, storyteller, dukedom, locality, dine out on, act, appraise, reckon, quantize, determine, connivance, empire, score, place, blueprint, riding, divide, strategy, contrivance, dolmen, mythologize, precinct, sector, sift, globe, pigeonhole, conceive, barrow, intention, domain, cartography, systematize, devise, algorithm, recount, regulate, lot, structure, scenario, trap, fable, gravestone, balance, cabal, compute, duchy, yarn, planning, game, categorize, realm, ground, narrate, stabilize, sum, highlight, feint, relate, intrigue, normalize, scribble, piece, romance, aim, quantify, claim, deduce.

Examples of usage:

1) The heart of every woman was in a plot against the cruelty of Pharaoh. - "The Expositor's Bible: The Book of Exodus", G. A. Chadwick.

2) Chamis undoubtedly is in the plot, and Idris and Gebhr also. - "In Desert and Wilderness", Henryk Sienkiewicz.

3) It was of the utmost importance that he should hear the outcome of the plot. - "The Man from Jericho", Edwin Carlile Litsey.