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Spell check of plenty

Correct spelling: plenty

kettle of fish, potful, push-down storage, whole slew, crowd, muss, volume, commode, bonanza, luck, sess, fullness, plentifulness, green goddess, chew, many, visual sense, abundant, cumulus, riches, softwood, numerousness, passel, jackpot, chain reactor, draw, portion, pickle, lavishness, push-down list, throng, kitty, enough, mountain, net worth, mound, stilt, bay window, circumstances, opulence, ample, go around, spate, property, raft, profusion, trade, set, ken, band, crowded, power, quid, flock, rush, mess hall, sufficient, atomic reactor, visual modality, pack, quantity, sens, excess, possessions, tidy sum, fruitfulness, skunk, a great deal, flowerpot, circle, survey, comfortable, loads, destiny, thronging, full house, jalopy, tummy, hand, fate, bargain, push-down store, avalanche, pile, gage, barrel, crapper, smokestack, atomic pile, nap, multitude, deal, cumulation, megabucks, prosperousness, spile, numerous, push-down stack, landslide, estate, big money, ampleness, potentiometer, plethora, smoke, multitudinous, big bucks, lots, whole lot, surge, stool, stack, wealth, plenteous, bus, bunch, good deal, heap, countless, troop, fortune, asset, deluge, capital, capacity, generous, mussiness, income, wad, plenteousness, copiousness, clutch, aplenty, limit, bulk, corporation, agglomerate, profit, galvanic pile, weed, bounteous, big, down, plentitude, much, cornucopian, adequacy, fold, business deal, cud, locoweed, world, view, swarming, rich, piling, bundle, caboodle, chaw, can, sight, voltaic pile, profuseness, masses, slew, mess, liberal, bounteousness, bountiful, fix, bountifulness, hatful, muckle, peck, affluence, swarm, mint candy, great deal, potbelly, upsurge, messiness, jam, worth, freshet, plenitude, plug, batch, lot, mount, prosperity, vision, flood, torrent, mass, abundance, everything, people, mickle, muddle, grass, throne, galore, bounty, hoi polloi, mint, potty, legion, satisfactoriness, quite a little, sufficiency.

spare, scant, wanting, unfruitful, infertile, bare, small, skimpy, sterile, stingy, deficient, niggardly, lacking, slight, light, least, unproductive, insufficient, inadequate, minimal, minimum, meager, barren.

Examples of usage:

1) We can tell her as much as is best for her to know, a little at a time, and there will be plenty of time to do it in. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

2) You have plenty of friends. - "The Locusts' Years", Mary Helen Fee.

3) There are plenty of men who would have forgotten all I said about this place, but you haven't. - "The Locusts' Years", Mary Helen Fee.