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Spell check of plateful

Correct spelling: plateful

volume, wealth, stack, plenty, reams, sight, pile, bowlful, multiplicity, pack, gobs, collection plate, store, heap, ton, shipload, raft, photographic plate, bite, can, sheaf, dental plate, slew, bushel, scale, denture, mess, plate, quantity, carload, passel, mountain, crustal plate, shell, chunk, bed, deal, batch, potful, plenitude, home, myriad, loads, lashings, bucket, home base, wad, truckload, abundance, plentitude, much, bunch, profusion, yard, c., scads, oodles, basketful, cake, barrel, fistful, boatload, bundle, good deal, mass, hundred, peck, home plate, consumption, bowl, dozen, spate, crumb.

granule, deficiency, nip, poverty, dearth, undersupply, grain, lick, meagerness, touch, scarcity, sprinkle, shade, piece, smattering, jot, particle, smatter, little, ounce, suspicion, bit, famine, fragment, dab, scintilla, trace, sprinkling, dot, flyspeck, iota, atom, pinch, crumb, smidgen, handful, taste, ace, inadequacy, shot, morsel, whit, ray, molecule, driblet, scarceness, nubbin, peanuts, drop, insufficiency, tad, lack, skimpiness, mouthful, shortage, pittance, scrap, scruple, dash, speck, mote, shadow, section, dram, fleck, mite, strain, deficit, modicum, portion, scantness, tittle, scantiness, spot, absence, glimmer, want, hint, shred, streak, paucity.

Examples of usage:

1) If you're going to eat, you might at least bring a plateful, so we can have some, too. - "The Electronic Mind Reader", John Blaine.

2) Lucy pushed back her unfinished plateful and rose. - "Thankful Rest", Annie S. Swan.

3) Only one plateful of food such as this must, of a surety, make his dear mother strong and well once more. - "A Book of Myths", Jean Lang.