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Spell check of placate

Correct spelling: placate

slake, comfort, quiet, stay, quell, lull, allay, soothe, dulcify, make up, ebb, relieve, accommodate, satisfy, settle, console, gentle, patch up, sweeten, cool, stabilize, pacify, ennoble, tranquilize, disarm, soften, palliate, season, quench, appease, ease, sedate, smooth, assuage, conciliate, reconcile, alleviate, entitle, still, moderate, subdue, gruntle, propitiate, hush, compose, calm, lenify, temper, mollify.

distress, infuriate, discomfort, provoke, bother, get, inflame, ire, agitate, incense, insult, aggravate, disturb, perturb, affront, rankle, annoy, roil, chafe, unsettle, irk, rile, unhinge, antagonize, burn, exasperate, worry, gall, anger, enrage, madden, nettle, rouse, slight, put out, irritate, bug, peeve, offend, ruffle, vex, upset, pester, persecute, cross, fret, harass, harry, grate, outrage, pique.

Examples of usage:

1) Sakamata, native- like, eager to placate, asserted that he had actually seen the white man who was called Moonspirit, and from the same motive, ever wishing to flatter, announced positively that he had no magic at all, was dark and small and a trader, the only kind of white man other than the military at Ingonya of whom Sakamata had ever seen. - "Witch-Doctors", Charles Beadle.

2) Their raids, however, were frequent and effective enough for all Syria to come to be regarded by surrounding kings and kinglets as an Egyptian sphere of influence within which it was best to acknowledge Pharaoh's rights and to placate him by timely presents. - "The Ancient East", D. G. Hogarth.

3) But in spite of all that, the court in granting me the separation, took occasion to placate national honour by giving him the child during the year, pending the final disposition of the case. - "A Fool and His Money", George Barr McCutcheon.