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Spell check of pitiful

Correct spelling: pitiful

moving, despicable, stirring, criminal, execrable, sympathetic, sorry, drear, dingy, heart-rending, silly, troubling, distressful, unfortunate, scummy, hapless, scurvy, afflicted, no-count, cheerless, perturbing, abject, mournful, forlorn, piteous, unworthy, no-good, lamentable, touching, feelings, reprehensible, affecting, drab, joyless, contemptible, tear-jerking, low-down, slimy, regretful, vile, dark, tearful, paltry, meritless, dismal, good-for-nothing, deplorable, sad, base, pitying, miserable, blue, happy, poignant, pitiable, worrisome, bad, ridiculous, worthless, pathetic, low, suffering, cheerful, ruthful, condolatory, comfortless, inadequate, distressing, heartbreaking, poor, gloomy, compassionate, dreary, wretched, short, dramatic, commiserative, misfortunate, measly, grim, woeful, disconsolate, good-for-naught, vicious, ugly, condemnable, human, no-account, sorrowful, depressing, distressed, rueful, pity, worrying, woful, disturbing.

estimable, great, glorious, commanding, good, sublime, fortunate, august, mighty, noble, superb, exalted, lofty, dignified, superior, grand, helpful, beneficent.

Examples of usage:

1) Once it came so near them that Silas half expected, as he stood trembling in the darkness, that the ghost of poor Helen would lay hands on him, and inquire in pitiful tones for the little girl who seemed to be lost in the house. - "The Mystery of the Locks", Edgar Watson Howe.

2) It occurred to Alison, who had been told that the hired man generally ate with his employer on the prairie, that this compromise was rather pitiful, though she did not know that Hunter had once or twice had words with his wife on the question. - "A Prairie Courtship", Harold Bindloss.

3) The little cry came trembling and pitiful, driving straight into Peter's heart. - "Fortitude", Hugh Walpole.