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Spell check of pitch

Correct spelling: pitch

prowl, sales talk, drive, uprear, interchange, careen, light into, roll, riff, grade, sling, shunt, momentum, impel, livery, gear up, cant over, amber, thrash about, mineral pitch, tilt, instigate, sealing wax, stagger, storm, monger, slash, erect, upraise, precipitate, inspire, discard, gum, spill, put together, turn in, present, bear, ready, pitching, goad, assemble, rig, cast aside, rake, tack together, push, stimulate, reposition, poke, rakehell, dive, ballyhoo, cast away, encourage, thresh, instal, decline, ram, jostle, huckster, redeem, throw, raise, shy, agitate, frame, piece, seafarer, thrash, toss out, birth, effect, fling, hurtle, install, set up, dislodge, strike, jog, asphalt, convulse, sound, bump, ensnare, rear, talk up, fall, bitumen, order, resin, cry, aggress, plummet, lacquer, fix, hawk, cast out, guaiacum, flick, clear the throat, rip, change, induce, go at, chaffer, rosin, chuck out, ferment, entrap, varnish, budge, nose-dive, bunt, have, throw out, rise, catapult, plunge, alternate, higgle, pelt, hurl, advertise, rescue, speech, turn over, aid, angle, keel, coal tar, popularize, assail, toss, slope, yaw, haggle, support, transfer, wobble, project, mariner, vend, balsam, shift, bowl, agar, dash, tone, chicle, prepare, prompt, sink, cant, flip-flop, fork over, sales pitch, jolt, copalite, saving, compel, pitch shot, provoke, move, fork up, old salt, deliverance, obstetrical delivery, incline, leaf, manner of speaking, run, stumble, launch, drop, magnetize, punch, riffle, plug, myrrh, lurch, chuck, found, motivation, effectuate, switch, blood, propel, tack, tumble, beset, straight, assault, entice, topple, hasten, flip over, shellac, arrange, render, set, surrender, flip out, urge, save, dip, lunge, establish, peddle, heave, thrust, shot, foment, skunk, give up, knowledge, roue, inclination, ball, put, swag, profligate, auction pitch, swoop, dispose, sea dog, tend, delivery, dart, shove, sky, knock, throw away, extradite, horizontal, repetition, give birth, put away, gear, cast, cede, force, seesaw, rock, mastic, lean, be given, attack, fork out, tar, stir, drive home, weight, lay out, impulse, fire, bringing, deport, toss away, hand over, flip, gum ammoniac, legal transfer, put up, tip, build up, energize, change over, gob, algin, twitch, deliver, nudge, publicize, reel, prod, frankincense, offering, jactitate, have at, promote, sail into, shoot, put in, seaman, lob, motivate, thresh about, descend, thumb, go down, trigger, return.

Examples of usage:

1) As they dance, their voices rise to a high pitch of excitement. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

2) Nasmyth only just heard him, for his heart was beating with excitement; but as he stood knee- deep in the grass, with both hands ready to pitch the heavy rifle up, it seemed to him that Mattawa could not have been correct when he said that there were only the Bush deer about. - "The Greater Power", Harold Bindloss W. Herbert Dunton.

3) If they don't, it's quite likely she'll shake it loose or pitch some of them off the bridge. - "The Greater Power", Harold Bindloss W. Herbert Dunton.