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Spell check of pigeonhole

Correct spelling: pigeonhole

desk organizer, harmonize, sort, methodize, settle, bracket, file, beehive, regulate, mediate, chart, compose, stomp, tray, rationalize, prepare, stratify, order, birdcage, cubby, form, devise, adjust, in tray, brand, normalize, separate, scheme, slot, boss, maintain, sift, classify, structure, label, collect, loft, fishbowl, out box, support, plan, out tray, rate, cage, integrate, collate, emboss, snuggery, plot, hutch, subordinate, stump, arrange, apiary, stamp, right, class, dovecote, orchestrate, group, set, drop-box, frame, establish, aquarium, systematize, program, array, design, shape, characterize, compartment, in box, cubbyhole, stereotype, score, assort, control, cast, rank, schematize, categorize, stabilize, unify, value, grade, type, distribute, organize, fix, schedule, balance, place, goldfish bowl, unsnarl, screen, range, designate, marshal, snug.

Examples of usage:

1) She tied it up, so to speak, in a neat package and put it in a pigeonhole. - "The Salamander", Owen Johnson.

2) He selected a pigeonhole at hazard, and emptied it of several bundles of letters, all neatly bound with tape or faded ribbon and clearly docketed. - "Alias The Lone Wolf", Louis Joseph Vance.

3) Pigeonhole it until after this deal is made or rejected. - "Wolf Breed", Jackson Gregory.