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Spell check of pick

Correct spelling: pick

dissipate, plunge, grapnel, hit, adjourn, pride, recess, wrench, hammer, punch, collapse, decision, welt, crosscut saw, square, lash, spade, catgut, fragment, sledgehammer, pick at, bang, haymaker, ball-peen hammer, split, chosen, hook, coping saw, take apart, flump, survival of the fittest, deplumate, decide on, houseclean, peck, fat, fill, excerpt, wrecking bar, swat, Allen wrench, bop, overcharge, gazump, hoof it, tack, jigsaw, lathe, beat out, axe, scythe, tear, plug, selection, plunk, extract, crash, garner, pull, plectrum, decompose, blast away, larrup, clean, slap, A-list, chop, liberty, jackknife, ointment, woof, surcharge, smash, espouse, hedge trimmer, find fault, pink, pull off, priesthood, filling, fragmentize, wish, cold chisel, graze, saw, fillip, drill, foot, chisel, break-up, sock, switch, chain saw, top, survival, illuminati, tool, snips, name, cuff, radial arm saw, keyhole saw, emollient, randomize, split up, accompany, tin snips, thump, resource, clout, drumstick, bet, rap, clop, nip, alternative, stripe, discretion, break apart, dab, single out, dent, smack, part, sickle, gouge, natural selection, prime, hack, blowtorch, box, mattock, blame, put into, file, appoint, determine, adjustable wrench, nibble, buffet, tire iron, arc welder, thud, drag, crop, wallop, ripsaw, plane, determination, feel, deplume, atmospherics, preference, box end wrench, pound, screwdriver, calipers, head, hustle, corps d'elite, pluck at, put together, buzz saw, disperse, back saw, fleece, adopt, piece, strain, thwack, miter box, mallet, wham, trowel, opt, break down, foot up, swipe, gather up, plump, tow, anoint, prefer, excerption, machete, posthole auger, tug, flower, interrupt, judge, help, handsaw, harvest, reap, hacksaw, decide, clip, cut off, key, plump down, assemble, applicator, beak, upper crust, bit, arrange, dispel, aristocracy, single, designate, knife, spoke shave, jointer, separate, break, dissolve, choose, displume, blowlamp, leg it, favor, level, lug wrench, scissors, clap, shovel, pliers, back, peck at, beat, whop, claw hammer, scroll saw, cleanse, dismantle, scatter, cream, edger, option, select, baton, weft, brush, cull, pickaxe, blow, emery wheel, disrupt, trail, table saw, whack, monkey wrench, plunk down, judgment, picking, crowbar, band saw, knock, scavenge, tack together, desire, plonk, tear at, crack up, tweak, sever, bradawl, fragmentise, circular saw, pick up, fancy, put in, bench drill, pick off, plectron, nag, lick, pluck, calve, bow saw, roll, shoot, touch, stinger, belt, auger, delegate, grindstone, clean house, blast, douse, handle, pelt, choice, poke, charge, spanner, election, clunk, bat, resolve, plank, fret, articulation, plume, rob, way, bash, pickax, vise, dive, bow, vote, bridge, slug, strip, clump, hoof, drill press, hen-peck, patch, druthers, royalty, pipe wrench, bang out, disassemble, heave, pat, make clean, soak, collect, crock up, set up, gather, shears, plop, bellows, slam, welder, like, elect, tab, hatchet, wedge, bust, stapler, awl, volition, fault, biff, spank, planer, best, damper.

duty, coercion, duress, masses, herd, hoi polloi, unwashed, commoners, rank and file, obligation, multitude, force, compulsion, mob, necessity, Hobson's choice, millions.

Examples of usage:

1) Any child can pick a plan to pieces, and prove its unworthiness. - "The Operatic Problem", William Johnson Galloway.

2) Rafe could pick up the thoughts of almost anyone if he happened to be close by, but couldn't communicate over a long distance with anyone but Lenny. - "The Foreign Hand Tie", Gordon Randall Garrett.

3) But if he did, Dr. Malekrinova would pick up every bit of it, and that would be the end of that. - "The Foreign Hand Tie", Gordon Randall Garrett.