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Spell check of perverse

Correct spelling: perverse

misrepresented, unreasonable, short-tempered, contrarious, lopsided, distorted, pat, dissipated, untoward, jackleg, demoralized, good, fiery, reprobate, criminal, obstinate, irascible, rakish, snarky, loose, unbending, degraded, crabby, inflexible, adamantine, incorrect, ridiculous, snippety, cross, extreme, pettish, snappy, wrongdoing, wilful, bad, unrepentant, rotten, wicked, wrong, prickly, snappish, twisted, flagitious, stubborn, disobedient, immovable, quick-tempered, unregenerate, dissolute, obnoxious, implacable, unseemly, fractious, warped, libertine, unapt, stuffy, hard-nosed, lawbreaking, clean, peevish, unclean, childish, misshapen, testy, awry, degenerate, unrelenting, perverted, bent, ungovernable, indecorous, graceless, impossible, debauched, disfigured, corrupt, unhealthy, intransigent, debased, self-opinionated, flawed, misdoing, rakehell, base, black, asymmetrical, contorted, crotchety, unfit, choleric, malapropos, reprehensible, adamant, willful, headstrong, tenacious, deformed, irresponsible, attitude, damnable, self-willed, iniquitous, incongruous, inept, inapt, kinky, immoral, raspy, evildoing, felonious, contrary, unyielding, amiss, shocking, unhappy, sick, absurd, cockeyed, irregular, pertinacious, miscreant, negative, stiff-necked, decadent, malicious, adverse, scandalous, crooked, hardheaded, cranky, capricious, difficult, ornery, irritable, support, delinquent, unbecoming, hardened, cussed, dogged, wayward, pigheaded, resist, grumpy, indecent, froward, improper, sinful, ratty, wrongheaded, intractable, irrational, petulant, infelicitous, grouchy, inconvincible, depraved, hysterical, unsuitable, bullheaded, mulish, blameworthy, uncompromising, freakish, factious, inapposite, hard, unwholesome, sinister, sadistic, balky, villainous, obdurate, opinionated, waspish, snippy, ossified.

correct, amenable, accommodating, respectable, patient, willing, reasonable, relaxed, friendly, governable, amiable, uncomplaining, right, consonant, balanced, suitable, long-suffering, receptive, encouraged, apropos, responsive, fine, extroverted, yielding, acquiescent, apposite, easygoing, material, submissive, endorsed, decent, pointed, commendable, creditable, principled, pliable, docile, companionate, sanctioned, good, proper, honest, seemly, agreeable, complying, befitting, positive, persuadable, obliging, uncorrupted, carefree, manageable, harmonious, cordial, incorrupt, felicitous, meet, relevant, exemplary, uncorrupt, understanding, apt, applicable, fitting, incorruptible, pat, congruous, happy-go-lucky, good-tempered, appropriate, affable, decorous, slavish, stoic, pure, genial, permitted, neutral, licensed, temperate, approved, timely, relenting, compatible, seasonable, compliant, adequate, OK, authorized, companionable, flexible, relative, righteous, becoming, forbearing, acceptable, congenial, complaisant, sweet, tractable, gregarious, virtuous, kosher, fit, genteel, satisfactory, abetted, sociable, placable, obedient, accepting, tolerant, pliant, promoted, outgoing, subservient, tolerable, moral, fortunate, all right, well-disposed, irreproachable, kind, ethical, blameless, happy, opportune, good-natured, germane, allowed, supported, passable.

Examples of usage:

1) Nowadays, when we have been accustomed all our lives to the luxury of titlepages, it may well seem to us merely perverse to hide the title of a book, the name of the author, and information as to where, when, and by whom it was printed in a closely set paragraph at the end of the book. - "Fine Books", Alfred W. Pollard.

2) She looked ten years older, and it would have souuded very perverse now to speak of her as pretty. - "Four Meetings", Henry James.

3) Helen seemed a new creature this morning, utterly tantalizing and not a little perverse. - "The Desert Valley", Jackson Gregory.