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Spell check of pee-pee

Correct spelling: pee-pee

fix, progress to, form, make water, attain, piddle, wee, addle, make up, muddle, realise, stimulate, arrive at, piddle away, pretend, stool, get to, take, establish, hold, produce, get, wee-wee, name, relieve oneself, micturate, wanton away, cook, cause, trifle, ca-ca, ready, take a crap, puddle, throw, take a leak, have, do, induce, spend a penny, bring in, lay down, seduce, pass water, realize, make believe, create, earn, wanton, reach, build, make, take in, constitute, prepare, score, work, draw, hit, nominate, take a shit, clear, construct, pull in, give, gain.