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Spell check of peck

Correct spelling: peck

truckload, BMI, quantity, myriad, agglomerate, mess hall, uplift, pluck, alight, bulk, profusion, hoi polloi, set, down, pile, business deal, push-down storage, troop, slew, store, vision, mint candy, cumulation, caboodle, good deal, dozen, push-down stack, mickle, cheep, potbelly, sheaf, gage, freshet, sens, kiss, cord, muss, elate, trade, potful, rush, cumulus, raft, turn around, catch, liter, flap, hen-peck, are, receive, plunk, sess, circumstances, hundred, goose, stack, ct., softwood, boatload, flowerpot, yard, beak, atomic reactor, nail, disparage, chain reactor, get word, smack, deal, touch, commode, smokestack, hand, oodles, smell, mountain, bus, visual sense, break up, muddle, ounce, depression, caw, hogshead, plateful, push-down list, gill, muckle, piling, piece, portion, intoxicate, scads, nibble, big bucks, circle, potty, plenteousness, spile, whole slew, heap, fortune, finger, quart, band, reams, apprehend, tummy, collar, acre, grope, voltaic pile, pick, beat, kettle of fish, see, big money, atomic pile, bargain, plentifulness, mark, milliliter, chaw, clutch, reek, gallon, green goddess, upsurge, messiness, smooch, pull at, multitude, percolate, shipload, corporation, smoke, chew, view, nag, fate, call for, crapper, foreplay, tap, tidy sum, pack, mussiness, carat, mass, batch, rap, bucket, pickle, taste, loads, belittle, scar, multiplicity, magnum, quite a little, mess, barrel, gain vigor, bundle, bushel, centigram, learn, get a line, wad, stool, potentiometer, nap, luck, decaliter, measure, mound, perk up, cop, hear, people, survey, foot, cry, draw, ken, sight, perk, push-down store, get wind, pint, clean, gobs, brood, teaspoon, lashings, tablespoon, whole lot, chirp, jalopy, bunch, abundance, centiliter, find out, cud, cup, weed, galvanic pile, osculate, spate, flock, find fault, cull, grass, chatter, stilt, bay window, kitty, skunk, volume, cu., quid, pinch, fold, peck at, blemish, surge, cubic, jackpot, masses, blow, discover, blame, lot, can, passel, hatful, basketful, thwack, arrest, coo, jam, fix, carload, collect, pick at, much, throne, gather up, mint, pick-up, canoodle, megabucks, fistful, lift up, nab, visual modality, ton, feel up, great deal, area, buss, French kiss, pluck at, locoweed, plenitude, destiny, chunk, plug, mount, plentitude, wealth, plenty.

granule, deficiency, nip, poverty, dearth, undersupply, grain, lick, meagerness, touch, scarcity, sprinkle, shade, piece, smattering, jot, particle, smatter, little, ounce, suspicion, bit, famine, fragment, dab, scintilla, trace, sprinkling, dot, flyspeck, iota, atom, pinch, crumb, smidgen, handful, taste, ace, inadequacy, shot, morsel, whit, ray, molecule, driblet, scarceness, nubbin, peanuts, drop, insufficiency, tad, lack, skimpiness, mouthful, shortage, pittance, scrap, scruple, dash, speck, mote, shadow, section, dram, fleck, mite, strain, deficit, modicum, portion, scantness, tittle, scantiness, spot, absence, glimmer, want, hint, shred, streak, paucity.

Examples of usage:

1) " Do you know," he said, " there are certain toucans which during the breeding season seek hollows in trees; there the female lays eggs and sits upon them, while the male pastes the opening with clay so that only her head is visible, and not until the young are hatched does the male begin to peck with his long beak and free the mother." - "In Desert and Wilderness", Henryk Sienkiewicz.

2) Deirdre remembered that there had been a magpie's nest in it, and that the " maggies" would swoop down on her and on Davey in the springtime, if there were young birds in the nest, screaming and flapping their wings, and sometimes getting in a peck which brought the blood to her freckled face or to Davey's. - "The Pioneers", Katharine Susannah Prichard.

3) Indeed, my Lord, I greatly deceive myself if in this hard season I would give a peck of refuse wheat for all that is called fame and honor in the world. - "The Literature of Ecstasy", Albert Mordell.