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Spell check of pecans

Correct spelling: pecans

citrons, balsams, laurels, mountain ashes, avocados, peanuts, chestnuts, eucalyptuses, firs, horse chestnuts, papayas, weeping willows, quinces, mahoganies, tamaracks, elders, lindens, sycamores, figs, limes, beechnuts, apples, butternuts, cedars, ashes, peaches, nuts, willows, banyans, cassias, ebonies, almonds, mangroves, apricots, teaks, coconuts, filberts, alders, cypresses, sandalwoods, ironwoods, pistachios, mulberries, hickories, birches, palms, lemons, magnolias, breadfruits, dogwoods, Brazil nuts, elms, spruces, larches, rosewoods, maples, pears, pines, aspens, trees, junipers, redwoods, poplars, beeches, cashews, gums, yews, balsas, hazels, mimosas, oranges, hazelnuts, oaks, walnuts, acacias, cherries, pine nuts, cottonwoods, sequoias, acorns, locusts.

Examples of usage:

1) His variety of food is almost unending- he loves buckwheat, beaked nuts, pecans, various kinds of grass seeds, and Indian corn. - "The Human Side of Animals", Royal Dixon.

2) You, Francois, who every year eat such quantities of shell- bark nuts, and pecans, and red mulberries, too! - "The Boy Hunters", Captain Mayne Reid.

3) The umbrageous canopy of the pecans protects the encamped warriors from the fervid rays of a noonday sun, striking vertically down. - "The Lone Ranche", Captain Mayne Reid.