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Spell check of peak

Correct spelling: peak

bill, golden age, diamond, solar apex, aggrandisement, pourboire, efflorescence, upside, butte, billhook, headmost, ne plus ultra, crown, full stop, excite, blush, pinnacle, maximal, lively, mountain, eyeshade, prime of life, flier, boot, soar, government note, maximum, prosper, highlands, capping, culmination, invoice, inflorescence, climax, flare, superlative, salad days, greenback, high, culminating, zenith, florescence, hectic, blossom, capstone, high up, divide, fastigium, breakthrough, topmost, acme, crest, confidential information, neb, cross, iff, highlight, alp, banknote, high tide, peak-seaason, multiply, apex of the sun's way, spot, full point, card, level, madhouse, protection, hexagon, degree, uppermost point, meridian, steer, limit, rash, blossoming, flush, beak, rosiness, add to, crag, fell, elevated, top of the inning, loftiest, aloft, thrive, tiptop, tip-top, apex, nib, brow, stature, bank bill, compass point, extreme, top side, hill, plus, apogee, hot flash, vizor, convex, backsheesh, top, aggrandizement, bloom, crownwork, power, cube, height, busy season, cliff, outpouring, cap, bank note, anthesis, baksheesh, treetop, escarpment, upper, charge, crescendo, uppermost, above, measure, elevation, power point, heptagon, highest, rush, tallness, extremity, diadem, topmost point, circular, extremum, win out, gunpoint, breaker point, distributor point, plume, bluff, less, stop, skin rash, breaking point, get ahead, increase, ascent, big top, throwaway, elite, point in time, bang, chinstrap, round top, over, Grand Central Station, payoff, point, item, blooming, prime, crossroads, percentage point, kick, let, mount, crowning, stage, poll, visor, cuboid, prime quantity, thrill, detail, natural elevation, summit meeting, sierra, hint, cairn, gratuity, notice, hum, teetotum, summit, lead, brim, cover, lift, dune, escalate, pennant, double, minus, brae, noontime, bloom of youth, account, reach a peak, handbill, dot, vertex, high-season, jacket, fractal, and, raise, gush, extreme point, line of longitude, foothills, hump, bakshish, pate, highest point, go up, milestone, tip, watershed, high-water mark, bustling, downs, range, turning point, noon, poster, glory days, flyer, banker's bill, flourish, broadsheet, sum, achieve, bakshis, climactic, altitude, brink, note, high noon, broadside, decimal point, buzz, roseola, roof, jacket crown, succeed, culminate, cockade, posting, head, placard, spinning top, flower, climactical, hatpin, step up, comeback, equilateral triangle, chevron, whirligig, pointedness, top out, flowering, circus tent, wind, raising, upper side, heyday, frenzy.

bottom, minimum, depression, basin, hollow, abyss, foot, base, rock bottom, valley, off-peak, nadir, bowl, vale.

Examples of usage:

1) I had made a first ascent of the great mid- Alaskan peak in 1906. The record of that conquest was published during my absence in the North, under the title, " To the Top of the Continent." - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

2) Climbing a little peak forty miles from the great mountain, when he was with me, he had pronounced Mt. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

3) My photograph of the peak, which loomed highest among the others on the top, possesses a profile not unusual among ice- cut rocks. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.