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Spell check of patch

Correct spelling: patch

pip, composition, adjust, chain-smoke, help, nubbin, charm, particle, tittle, automatic recovery program, bit, cessation, breast pocket, temporary hookup, abode, fix, shucks, dot, make up, office, improve, patch up, care label, man, Band-Aid, tack, reparation, authoring software, snip, accounting package, molecule, piece, arabesque, nibble, fixing, overhaul, configuration, tinker's dam, post, staining, tack together, do up, spotting, part, herbaceous border, place, pick, blot, botanical garden, braces, mottle, daub, mending, corset, objet d'art, hectare, atom, territory, spell, occupier, alter, slice, conciliate, domain, go, column, beta version, arm, granule, turn, plot of ground, section, blotch, array, flyspeck, argyle, maculation, bandage, stain, acre, habit, revamp, remedy, application, set up, drag, ashtray, opus, settle, smudge, eyepatch, repair, assemble, flake, area, alpha version, billet, firearm, heal, dapple, fixture, hoot, garden, while, small-arm, grain, nugget, position, tinker's damn, backup utility, fleck, enchantment, mend, environment, bed, occupant, cold turkey, spot, topographic point, tour, snippet, backyard, collar, bib, morsel, sector, berth, grounds, the home front, dribble, point, touch, art object, musical composition, region, articulation, correct, put together, reconcile, slur, coloration, darn, fix up, compress, application software, mote, speckle, scruple, autoresponder, chronology, splotch, smirch, arrangement, zone, draw, amend, cast, eyespot, town, revise, heel, crumb, armhole, flowerbed, check, bower, rood, bodice, nicotine gum, doctor, maintain, cotton ball, magic spell, game, chip, cotton, scrap, light up, address, coattails, cane, smear, plot, buttonhole, secret plan, draw on, border, rectify, red cent, spotlight, situation, address book, home, right, trance, allotment, piece of music, habitation, speck, district.

gob, quantity, abundance, deal, stack, mass, peck, pile, wealth, heaps, bushel, chunk, hunk, profusion, scads, wad, slab, mountain, volume, loads, barrel, raft, bucket, lump.

Examples of usage:

1) Above the rocks was a small green patch where we hoped to find a soft resting place for the boat, so that we might place our furs in it and secure shelter from the bitter wind. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

2) " If we ever really quarrel," I had said to myself, " nothing on earth will patch it up." - "I Walked in Arden", Jack Crawford.

3) I heard one of them, an English one, in Montreal, who wasn't a patch on Mavy. - "A Prairie Courtship", Harold Bindloss.