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Spell check of papaya

Correct spelling: papaya

ebony, pine, banyan, mimosa, papaw, ironwood, papaya tree, birch, lemon, lime, gum, tangerine, pear, breadfruit, beefsteak tomato, dogwood, cranberry, prune, ackee, cottonwood, grape, mango, acacia, loganberry, pawpaw, ash, sequoia, fig, blackberry, balsa, date, teak, mahogany, oak, hickory, berry, banana, melon, eucalyptus, mulberry, larch, raisin, aspen, casaba melon, strawberry, orange, black currant, redwood, cypress, plum, maple, bilberry, cantaloupe, gooseberry, weeping willow, nectarine, papaw tree, poplar, avocado, elder, linden, yew, tree, melon tree, butternut, sandalwood, sycamore, chestnut, apple, cedar, pineapple, citron, guava, tamarack, elm, beech, willow, grapefruit, cassia, cherry, tamarind, rosewood, palm, Carica Papaya, almond, pecan, blood orange, peach, blueberry, pomegranate, juniper, mountain ash, raspberry, quince, fruit, apricot, papaia, fir, mangrove, locust, balsam, currant, olive, coconut, magnolia, alder, passion fruit, laurel, cashew, walnut, spruce, watermelon.

Examples of usage:

1) In some countries they wrap meat in papaya leaves for several hours before eating in order to soften it. - "The Medicinal Plants of the Philippines", T. H. Pardo de Tavera.

2) In this connection he also spoke of a medicine which he and his colleagues had invented to drastically reduce the diseases which attack papaya. - "Free from School", Rahul Alvares.

3) Boys at the station were selling slabs of pudding, squares of sponge cake soaked with red liquor, pieces of papaya, cups of sweetened boiled rice, and oranges. - "In Indian Mexico (1908)", Frederick Starr.