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Spell check of pachydermatous

Correct spelling: pachydermatous

inhuman, ironhearted, unsympathetic, inhumane, calloused, unmerciful, pitiless, slash-and-burn, stony, desensitized, hard-boiled, thickened, remorseless, take-no-prisoners, affectless, stonyhearted, obdurate, heartless, cold-blooded, pachydermic, uncharitable, merciless, case-hardened, callous, unfeeling, thick-skinned, insensate, indurate, pachydermous, hard-hearted, compassionless, pachydermal, soulless, ruthless, unsparing, insensitive.

fond, understanding, merciful, affectionate, good-natured, mild, tender, humane, cordial, kindly, gentle, clement, lenient, benignant, indulgent, benevolent, tenderhearted, charitable, good-tempered, softhearted, kindhearted, gracious, tolerant, friendly, sympathetic, kind, sensitive, warmhearted, loving, warm, compassionate.

Examples of usage:

1) Strange how all German curses come home to roost, and move us to the ridicule that hurts the Hun so much and so surely penetrates his pachydermatous hide. - "Sketches of the East Africa Campaign", Robert Valentine Dolbey.

2) Your husband called me pachydermatous. - "The Fourth Series Plays, Complete", John Galsworthy.