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Spell check of overbalance

Correct spelling: overbalance

count, slip, descend, outrank, exceed, drop, overturn, pass over, come before, transcend, emphasize, outweigh, capsize, overweigh, predominate, overshadow, plummet, outbalance, figure, go down, surpass, matter, plunge, dominate, lower, signify, fall, upset, come down, subvert, preponderate.

Examples of usage:

1) Our only method will be a perfect sincerity, which will indeed lead us to refrain from any attempt to overbalance or to divert ingenuous minds from their own chosen path. - "The Silent Isle", Arthur Christopher Benson.

2) In both these cases the possibility has arisen of finding the way; but too often that possibility is killed by the overbalance of the startled nature. - "Light On The Path and Through the Gates of Gold", Mabel Collins.

3) I am inclined, however, to think that the arguments in favor overbalance the objections; still, the serious objection is, that a faithful teacher wants little personal talks with her pupils, and will contrive to be personal in a way that she cannot do so well in a large class. - "The Chautauqua Girls At Home", Pansy, AKA Isabella M. Alden.