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Spell check of official

Correct spelling: official

overseer, moneylender, accountant, treasurer, ringing, over, genuine, decisive, lame, trustworthy, ordered, indisputable, formalised, incontestable, sure, hostile, unquestionable, ex officio, true, commemorative, veritable, accurate, comptroller, clerical, authorised, governor, formalized, attempted, authentic, administerial, magisterial, unbalanced, conventional, constitutional, proctor, collaborative, endorsed, proper, undeniable, lender, desperate, insured, warder, judicial, nongovernmental, appointed, valid, faithful, steward, breadwinner, fitting, guard, flimsy, arguable, exec, cashier, bald, gamekeeper, administrant, fit, custodian, regular, semiofficial, cooperative, constituted, truthful, designated hitter, unequivocal, confirmed, auditor, apparatchik, untrustworthy, bursar, credible, prescribed, decreed, career woman, informal, assistant, curator, unceremonious, authoritative, declared, precise, guardian, customary, established, formal, lamely, limp, maiden, befitting, turnkey, duty officer, ancillary, irrefutable, administrator, guaranteed, unsteady, manager, Interior, amateur, sanctioned, developmental, standard, bureaucratic, feckless, ditzy, bookkeeper, ranger, accepted, conclusive, clear, keeper, avowed, approved, authority, real, caretaker, loaner, suspect, associate, ceremonial, certain, teller, positive, financier, absolute, inconsistent, commuter, cowboy, desk person, authorized, auxiliary, antisocial, ordained, unreliable, canonical, Congressional, imperialist, director, pithy, controller, executive, unmistakable, unimpeachable, decided, hawkish, collegiate, banker, recognized, jailer, adjunct, warden, face-saving, definite, expansionist, trustee, disputed, unstable, commandant, suitable, officer, legal, casual, functionary, unverified, laissez-faire, reliable.

unlicensed, unauthorized, wrongful, verboten, impermissible, drumhead, unlawful, unconfirmed, unofficial, unsanctioned, illegitimate, unauthorised, irregular, unestablished, loose, lawless, wildcat, informal, illicit, summary, unapproved, nonofficial, illegal.

Examples of usage:

1) It was evident that he meant to speak, and as there was just then no official to whom she could appeal, she drew herself up and faced him resolutely. - "A Prairie Courtship", Harold Bindloss.

2) It had no control over their official conduct. - "Memoirs of Orange Jacobs", Orange Jacobs.

3) These official people only thought of themselves. - "Command", William McFee.