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Spell check of oddball

Correct spelling: oddball

space cadet, crackpot, flake, curious, untypical, odd, idiosyncratic, outrageous, uncommon, case, fruitcake, unfamiliar, incredible, different, head case, erratic, deranged, dubious, anomalous, eccentric person, character, ludicrous, novel, incongruous, un-ordinary, crackbrain, bit, kook, aberrant, bizarre, mismatch, quiz, fey, inconsistent, exceptional, unusual, headcase, misfit, usual, madman, madwoman, freakish, outlandish, weirdo, silly, irregular, zany, crazy, divergent, original, improper, chip, snowflake, absurd, funny, eccentric, type, oddity, nutjob, strange, incompatible, card, unconventional, maniac, crank, grotesque, scrap, laughable, nutter, off, lunatic, poppycock, nut, abnormal, codger, uncustomary, out of the ordinary, weird, nutcase, fleck, comical, quirky, nonsensical, singular, crosspatch, geek, atypical, farcical, preposterous, peculiar, extraordinary, nonconforming, deviant, unique, ridiculous, foolish, screwball.

conformer, sheep, conformist, follower.

Examples of usage:

1) This one is an oddball, and I'd say you're as well equipped to handle it as anybody else." - "Eight Keys to Eden", Mark Irvin Clifton.

2) They'd say that there was something oddball about the Spooks. - "The Impossibles", Gordon Randall Garrett Laurence Mark Janifer.

3) Somewhere up in the house is this oddball Maxwell who hides out all the time. - "The Fourth R", George Oliver Smith.