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Spell check of obtain

Correct spelling: obtain

dumbfound, apprehend, discover, get hold, come up, bag, arrive, lay up, die hard, apply, keep, meet, get together, line up, witness, win, bring, father, derive, aim, oblige, claim, fetch, welcome, control, scram, keep back, sustain, contract, suffer, start out, retain, observe, drive, buzz off, drum up, add, grasp, take for, assume, grab, happen, heap, mother, convey, view as, take in, fix, coexist, vex, start, guard, co-occur, make use of, make, ascertain, moderate, reserve, become, check, harvest, persist, recover, nonplus, book, pay off, deem, harbour, beat, lure, notice, earn, land, accomplish, have, endure, grow, give, maintain, acquire, get, carry, seize, stupefy, nab, invite, pull down, pose, baffle, pick up, bring forth, gain, attain, subsist, admit, produce, run, perplex, rule, save, bewilder, predominate, garner, develop, restrain, get under one's skin, obligate, curb, accept, exist, halt, effect, adjudge, have got, bind, regain, agree, annex, bugger off, catch, hold, collar, reach, arrest, stick, procure, prevail, find oneself, amass, feel, generate, confine, defend, find out, get at, palm, engender, set about, incur, invade, come by, draw, pocket, concord, see, achieve, take hold, throw, let, retrieve, chance, determine, realize, reign, defy, dominate, find, net, borrow, corner, bear, gravel, go for, occupy, cause, receive, harbor, stimulate, wrangle, inherit, declare, induce, come, live, concern, support, withstand, bump, snare, experience, concur, arrive at, contain, detect, master, accumulate, hold back, capture, set out, compass, commence, operate, entertain, purchase, begin, donate, glean, score, mystify, take, flummox, secure, collect, get down, bring in, hold in, be, pay back, abduct, hoard, go, puzzle, encounter, nurse, reap, sire, beget, appropriate, hold up, kick around, knock down, amaze, triumph, accommodate, buy.

relinquish, surrender, forfeit, accord, let go, miss, abandon, pay, give up, part, hand over, lose, grant, give, yield, fail.

Examples of usage:

1) Ask him frankly to join us if we obtain the horses. - "The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)", Charles James Lever.

2) Jack lighted two or three matches at once, and held them just above his head so as to obtain a good view of his surroundings. - "The Hilltop Boys on Lost Island", Cyril Burleigh.

3) Where does one obtain horses in this town? - "I Walked in Arden", Jack Crawford.