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Spell check of observing

Correct spelling: observing

accepting, consenting, designing, confirming, exulting, absorbed, engrossed, immersed, regardful, glorifying, rejoicing, kowtowing, surveying, daydreaming, studying, hearkening, conforming, avouching, carousing, bending, beholding, diligent, submitting, adhering, envisioning, vouching, cautious, yielding, responsible, witnessing, alert, frolicking, watchful, memorializing, reviewing, demonstrating, agreeing, theorizing, proving, intent, stating, verifying, viewing, vigilant, concerned, inspecting, supporting, perceptive, penetrating, fascinated, heedful, checking, celebrating, planning, praising, corroborating, rapt, seeing, mimicking, hallowing, indicating, scrutinizing, entranced, supposing, perusing, assenting, capitulating, venerating, exemplifying, bowing, determining, interested, commemorating, glaring, mindful, spying, perceiving, respecting, ceding, substantiating, sharp, thinking, considering, intelligent, regarding, validating, declaring, discerning, cheering, looking, contemplating, observant, enjoying, aping, staring, honoring, law-abiding, fulfilling, concurring, attentive, careful, watching, enraptured, complying, reflecting, keen, establishing, reveling, authenticating, examining.

unperceiving, unperceptive.

Examples of usage:

1) Than- Sing, who had been silently observing this scene, now took pity on my distress, and addressed the man in Chinese. - "A Lady's Captivity among Chinese Pirates in the Chinese Seas", Fanny Loviot.

2) The true ground for observing a difference between the right of property in land and the right of property in other things must be sought for elsewhere. - "Contemporary Socialism", John Rae.

3) I sat down, but it was only for the purpose of observing him an instant; I saw it was time I should return to my sister. - "Four Meetings", Henry James.