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Spell check of obligatory

Correct spelling: obligatory

musty, incumbent, required, peremptory, hackney, clichéd, inescapable, necessary, proviso, tired, imposed, incumbent on, involuntary, hack, compulsory, bounden, obligation, essential, moth-eaten, nonelective, constraining, pressing, prerequisite, trite, indispensable, banal, de rigueur, cobwebby, stereotyped, imperative, shopworn, binding, inexorable, requisite, stipulated, mandatory, well-worn, must, cliché, hackneyed, threadbare, commonplace, inevitable, forced, timeworn.

fresh, discretionary, intriguing, energizing, enlivening, gripping, unknown, unwanted, stimulating, animating, insignificant, atypical, galvanizing, strange, riveting, nonmandatory, extraordinary, invigorating, facultative, chosen, engrossing, optional, nonessential, dispensable, unaccustomed, inconsequential, unheard-of, novel, engaging, unfamiliar, original, absorbing, unnecessary, uncommon, unneeded, nonobligatory, unimportant, involving, exciting, unprecedented, unusual, pioneering, elective, new, interesting, unhackneyed, ex gratia, voluntary.

Examples of usage:

1) Jules Ferry's reforms in education, extending over several Cabinet periods as late as 1882, included secondary education for girls, and free, obligatory, lay, primary instruction. - "A History of the Third French Republic", C. H. C. Wright.

2) " Extreme opinion," we read, " demands immediately an integral sharing, the suppression of property, obligatory work, etc. - "Life and Writings of Maurice Maeterlinck", Jethro Bithell.

3) It was now possible, while making faithfulness to source obligatory instead of optional, to put the matter on a reasonable basis. - "Early Theories of Translation", Flora Ross Amos.