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Spell check of obligation

Correct spelling: obligation

assurance, delinquency, mandate, requisite, default, bond, requirement, oath, understanding, indebtedness, debt instrument, pay, urge, covenant, appreciation, onus, liability, need, accountability, promise, cartel, inexorability, business, vow, office, thankful, burden, province, arrearage, pressure, duty, voucher, grateful, financial obligation, agreement, pact, proviso, consent, necessity, debit, imperative, prerequisite, note, contract, mortgage, must, compulsion, debt, engagement, propulsion, guarantee, compact, appreciative, due, indebted, inevitability, bargain, loan, responsibility, tariff, coercion, trust, guardianship, demand, incumbency, intimidation, mutual agreement, condition, stipulation, deficit, responsibleness, concern, motivation, score, gratitude, charge, certificate of indebtedness, pledge, duress, constraint, arrangement, IOU, incitement, touch, commitment, devoir, stimulation, arrears, do.

exemption, selection, discharge, asset, ease, stay, choice, grace, quittance, quietus, loophole, relief, alternative, release, waiver, repayment, pick, postponement, option, preference.

Examples of usage:

1) After that last speech of mine, I must explain that I feel there is a certain obligation on me to stay away. - "The Greater Power", Harold Bindloss W. Herbert Dunton.

2) The other Socialists of the Chair, however, do not bring the obligation so dead home to the civil authority alone. - "Contemporary Socialism", John Rae.

3) " That puts me under no obligation to eat it," I retorted, " especially as I wasn't present." - "I Walked in Arden", Jack Crawford.