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Spell check of nominate

Correct spelling: nominate

call forth, post, score, license, propose, declare oneself, purpose, induce, denominate, ready, deputize, charge, relieve oneself, put off, call, put back, arrive at, diagnose, construct, sign on, cause, erect, represent, rearrange, seduce, endure, choose, conjure up, sign, raise, engage, pull in, move, realize, get to, pass water, earn, piddle, get, have, recruit, schedule, fix, bring in, label, set up, take in, form, ca-ca, do, wee, hire, suggest, clepe, list, stand, name, stool, submit, progress to, title, pretend, make believe, specify, employ, plant, spend a penny, attach, create, call down, assert, stir, reach, house, contribute, christen, designate, arouse, constitute, produce, offer, take a crap, posit, make water, key, domiciliate, mention, advert, delegate, pop the question, choice, take a leak, refer, style, take a shit, appoint, tolerate, give, put forward, distinguish, baptize, build, take, throw, aim, bear, invoke, clear, cite, be, brook, conjure, wee-wee, assign, attain, pee-pee, place, retain, take on, advise, purport, work, hit, arm, found, confirm, realise, stimulate, provide, establish, tap, draw, time, decide, suffer, lay down, substitute, institute, gain, describe, evoke, project, entitle, draft, support, rear, broker, state, key out, stick out, bring up, reschedule, make up, comprise, put up, consign, stomach, discover, make, micturate, term, bring forward, tin, prepare, detail, puddle, digest, can, dub, identify, commission, abide, postpone, hold, cook.

dismiss, blackball, discharge, fire, eject, expel, unseat, depose, unmake, uncrown, remove, displace, dethrone, overthrow, throw out, evict, oust.

Examples of usage:

1) It was to have control of the policy of the association, and to nominate the three Liberal candidates for Parliament in the borough. - "The Government of England (Vol. I)", A. Lawrence Lowell.

2) It had power to determine the policy of the association, and to nominate the candidates for Parliament and the school board. - "The Government of England (Vol. I)", A. Lawrence Lowell.