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Spell check of Nihility

Correct spelling: Nihility

intangibility, nothingness, nonexistence, void, nil, non-subsistence, vacuity, vacuousness, phantom, unreality, barrenness, vacancy, nothing, impalpability, meaninglessness, immateriality, mirage, naught, nonentity, zero, nullity, cipher, insignificance, emptiness, apparition, absence, spectre, null, ethereality, tenuousness.

Examples of usage:

1) All the conflict of faith and doubt, the distress roused by the idea of nihility, the anger he had felt at the unjust sufferings of mankind, had been swept away by her fresh cool hands. - "Paris From the "Three Cities"", Emile Zola.

2) Out of those eyes and that long, thin face stared death; not hot, sudden death, but nihility, cool, deliberate, that waited for one! - "A Breath of Prairie and other stories", Will Lillibridge.

3) The youth scoffed at the word " sent," and replied, " Not being thy Supreme Intelligence, or Infinite Nihility, I am unable to explain the phenomenon." - "Vikram-and-the-Vampire-Classic-Hindu-Tales-of-Adventure-Magic-and-Romance", Burton, Isabel, Lady.