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Spell check of negligible

Correct spelling: negligible

trivial, meaningless, minimum, miserly, miserable, puny, piffling, mere, stingy, miniature, few, unimportant, spare, little, off, small-minded, petty, measly, bantam, weeny, baby, footling, slight, big, toy, wee, compact, inconsequential, slender, small, sparing, deficient, inconsiderable, fragile, peanut, scanty, paltry, picayune, worthless, teeny, irrelevant, de minimis, Mickey Mouse, insignificant, teensy, short, modest, scant, nominal, no-account, sparse, pocket, piddling, scarce, petite, diminutive, minimal, frail, small-fry, niggling, trifling, superficial, foolish, meager, piddly, important, insufficient, fiddling, itty-bitty, ungenerous, minor, frivolous, niggardly, faint, teeny-weeny, slim, outside, spotty, smallish, delicate, microscopic, remote, pimping, nugatory, chicken, minute, scrawny, dwarfish, unconsidered, beggarly, incidental, tiny.

essential, distinct, pivotal, fateful, maximal, fatal, meaningful, decisive, measurable, renowned, momentous, distinctive, big, dominant, discernible, striking, serious, major, large, impressive, conspicuous, maximum, all-important, illustrious, considerable, weighty, substantial, worthy, noteworthy, valuable, eminent, healthy, eventful, distinguished, sizable, famous, preeminent, key, exceptional, prominent, appreciable, principal, prestigious, respectable, remarkable, tidy, overbearing, important, outstanding, significant, good, largish, goodly, notorious, worthwhile, consequential, chief, great, material, overriding, basic, overmastering, fundamental.

Examples of usage:

1) Mr. Dainopoulos regarded Mr. Bates as though he were sizing him up for the first time and found him to amount to an almost negligible quantity. - "Command", William McFee.

2) Of the serious comment of more competent judges many records remain, enough to make it clear that, although the real technical problems involved were often obscured by controversy and by the common view that the divine quality of the original made human effort negligible, nevertheless the translator did not lack the stimulus which comes from intelligent criticism and discussion. - "Early Theories of Translation", Flora Ross Amos.

3) Although he supposed the young man was well- meaning enough- he'd grant him that negligible virtue- wouldn't it be terrible to have a system of existence in which one was advanced on the basis of intent rather than result? - "Once a Greech", Evelyn E. Smith.