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Spell check of naivete

Correct spelling: naivete

simplicity, credulousness, directness, candor, artlessness, plain-spokenness, naiveness, straightforwardness, unworldliness, frankness, gullibility, simpleness, callowness, viridity, candidness, unartfulness, genuineness, innocence, guilelessness, ingenuousness, honesty, trust, naivety, greenness, bluntness, un-artificiality, simplemindedness, sincerity, openness, unaffectedness, unsophistication, broadness, naturalness, plainness.

disbelief, doubt, distrust, uncertainty, skepticism, sophistication, mistrust, suspiciousness, incredulity, maturity, mundanity, misdoubt, worldliness, cynicism, pessimism, caution, dishonesty, pretentiousness, street smarts, mundaneness, doubtfulness, artfulness, deviousness, artificiality, affectedness, wariness, insincerity, suspicion, carefulness, knowingness.

Examples of usage:

1) She asked about " Cecil" with charming naivete. - "Hilda Wade A Woman With Tenacity Of Purpose", Grant Allen.

2) Preciosa McNulty had communicated her novel impressions to his daughters, who, in turn, had commented on Preciosa's naivete in their father's hearing; then Roscoe Orlando, who had never hurt himself by overwork and who was developing a growing willingness to leave his maps and his plats and his subdivisions a little earlier in the afternoon, had determined to step round and patronize the new man. - "Under the Skylights", Henry Blake Fuller.

3) She had the naivete to tell me so, and indeed to confess that she ardently loved another, a poor clerk of her father's, who, when their love was discovered, a short time before, had been turned out of the house. - "Berlin and Sans-Souci", Louise Muhlbach.