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Spell check of Nabbing

Correct spelling: Nabbing

levying, getting, usurping, reaping, appropriating, abducting, impounding, grabbing, monopolizing, procuring, amassing, gathering, capturing, harvesting, collecting, catching, taking, bagging, annexing, confiscating, depriving, commandeering, acquiring.

Examples of usage:

1) As for Abellino, he was confined to his bed for a whole month, and when he had partially recovered, he received a hint from his well- wishers to the effect that, until the affair had blown over a little, it would be as well if he took the air somewhere abroad; and that, too, not in any civilized kingdom, for there they would not be very long in nabbing a man like him who had so many creditors and loved to make a stir, but in some nice Oriental empire where he would be out of harm's way. - "A Hungarian Nabob", Maurus Jókai.

2) Still, I am afraid American cruisers will have no more success in nabbing the raider than have British vessels. - "The Boy Allies with Uncle Sams Cruisers", Ensign Robert L. Drake.