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Spell check of mutilate

Correct spelling: mutilate

maul, hurt, disfigure, off, devastate, cut off, remove, eat away, cripple, disable, shatter, burn, bump off, cut, lame, mangle, slash, hack, help, mar, harm, destroy, compartmentalize, obliterate, compartmentalise, deface, dispatch, incapacitate, impair, slay, ruin, dismember, damage, spoil, ravage, bruise, carve, deflower, maim, vandalize, injure, strain, hit, trash, cut up, vitiate, wound, polish off, break.

repair, cure, fix, mend, doctor, remedy, renew, heal, restore, patch, rejuvenate, rehabilitate.

Examples of usage:

1) This sect can only acquire new members by election, since both sexes so mutilate their persons that they can neither beget nor bear children. - "From Paris to New York by Land", Harry de Windt.

2) Then, like the hand that appeared at Belshazzar's Feast, came the War, only it was a hand that stayed with a long flashing lightning sword in its grip, sweeping pitilessly among the erstwhile dancing multitudes to mutilate and destroy. - "The Glands Regulating Personality", Louis Berman, M.D..

3) But they draw out the grinders, and mutilate the business. - "Put Yourself in His Place", Charles Reade.