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Spell check of muddle

Correct spelling: muddle

bewilderment, farrago, trouble, snafu, ragout, spoil, lot, free-for-all, location, press, tangle, disorganization, perplexity, trap, err, spend a penny, blunder, oversight, confusion, pastiche, hatful, chance-medley, ripple, roil, mishmash, thrive, disorderedness, emergency, mistake, quandary, rummage, wee, fixing, heck, agglomeration, involvement, make, snake pit, yap, sprawl, rumple, fix, displace, baffle, jumble, swirl, spin, gob, unsettle, bollix up, confuse, dishevel, havoc, disorderliness, disarrange, muckle, macédoine, scatter, daze, correct, disorder, mussiness, flock, dazedness, circus, patchwork quilt, confusedness, stumble, mystification, maze, mickle, discombobulation, boggle, take a leak, derange, struggle, localisation, distraction, motley, crush, litter, fare, fudge, mystify, chaos, louse up, capsize, toss, bewilderedness, perplex, swoon, gaffe, electronic jamming, stack, localization, quite a little, flaw, slip up, raft, batch, assortment, get by, jamming, misapprehension, sight, patchwork, whip, mixed bag, gumbo, spate, limp, flounder, hodgepodge, miss, discombobulate, mismanage, ruffle, dilemma, clutter, olla podrida, order, disorganize, hash, tousle, fluster, disturb, confound, gum up, ragbag, disarrangement, deal, piddle, reparation, olio, golf hole, rigamarole, error, blow, obscure, meddle, shambles, dishevelment, dislocate, tumult, do, smorgasbord, bewilder, help, fend, stagger, mare's-nest, make out, fuddle, pother, maw, peck, mess, smother, pass water, stew, wad, bamboozlement, agitate, puzzle, convulse, bemusement, passel, ferment, scramble, fall short, cloud, throw, jam, slew, mountain, mending, disarray, repair, discompose, bungle, crazy quilt, misorder, pile, montage, muck up, get along, menagerie, relieve oneself, variety, puddle, fog, salad, slip, trip up, medley, blur, jambalaya, predicament, potpourri, omnium-gatherum, make do, addle, roughen, tumble, micturate, snarl, complexity, cakehole, dizzy, make water, three-ring circus, muss, bumble, clear, perturb, whirl, farce, awkwardness, tamper, mélange, befuddle, fixture, mint, locating, agglomerate, messiness, mishandle, pee-pee, mislay, disrupt, head-scratching, great deal, misconstrue, jumbal, tidy sum, welter, mend, hotchpotch, heap, miscellanea, mess up, befuddlement, jungle, pickle, intricacy, feelings, alphabet soup, mix-up, plenty, mess hall, wee-wee, screw up, shuffle, mayhem, grab bag, salmagundi, difficulty, hollow, manage, good deal, mass, bafflement, misplace, maelstrom, churn, shift, botch, goof up, let down, kettle of fish, upset, fumble, whisk, gallimaufry, encumbrance, ball up, complication, puzzlement, collage, foul up.

certitude, order, levelheadedness, method, system, certainty, confidence, positiveness, orderliness, conviction, plan, alertness, assurance, pattern, sureness.

Examples of usage:

1) This I had every right to suppose from the character of the muddle on the floor; for, passing the light over a part of it, I witnessed a great variety of attire of a kind which certainly no sailor in any age ever went to sea with; not so fine perhaps as that which lay in the cabins, but very good nevertheless, particularly the linen. - "The Frozen Pirate", W. Clark Russell.

2) Each had its cot, and each also had its own special muddle and litter of boxes, clothes, firearms, swords, and the like. - "The Frozen Pirate", W. Clark Russell.

3) Old heads only muddle young hearts. - "Garrison's Finish A Romance of the Race-Course", W. B. M. Ferguson.