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Spell check of moorage

Correct spelling: moorage

elusion, shift, pillow slip, faux pas, solecism, office, dock, miscue, sideslip, case, cutting, docking facility, situation, mooring, eluding, teddy, spot, skid, mooring line, docking, docking fee, gaucherie, slick, dockage, pillowcase, position, tying up, slickness, slip of paper, built in bed, parapraxis, place, slip-up, bunk, trip, strip, post, slip, gaffe, slipperiness, berth, billet, shimmy, chemise.

Examples of usage:

1) For it hath neither moorage, nor sea- port, For traffic or kind shelter or good cheer. - "The Seven Plays in English Verse", Sophocles.

2) But they, when they had entered the deep haven, first furled their sails, and stowed them in the sable bark; they next brought the mast to its receptacle, lowering it quickly by its stays, and they rowed the vessel forwards with oars into its moorage; they heaved out the sleepers, and tied the hawsers. - "The Iliad of Homer (1873)", Homer.