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Spell check of modify

Correct spelling: modify

recast, dispose, revamp, remake, modulate, set, qualify, restrict, convert, except, interchange, vacillate, castrate, transfer, transit, condition, falsify, redo, transpose, restrain, make over, characterise, alter, transform, mitigate, substitute, veer, metamorphose, reform, specify, spay, allow, remodel, change, mutate, characterize, transmute, rework, curb, transfigure, deepen, temper, vary, neuter, interpolate, reserve, adjust, decrease, deviate, shift, adapt, exchange, turn, diversify, limit, switch, commute, revise, stipulate, fluctuate, refashion, measure up.

endure, abide, continue, keep, fix, hold, widen, bide, stay, stabilize, retain, expand, broaden, remain, set, freeze, persist.

Examples of usage:

1) The harbor is frozen over at least three months of the year, though that of Hammerfest, situated a thousand miles farther north on the coast of Norway, is never closed by ice, owing to the genial influence of the Gulf Stream,- an agent so potent as to modify the temperature of the entire coast of Scandinavia on its western border. - "Due North or Glimpses of Scandinavia and Russia", Maturin M. Ballou.

2) He said he had nothing to modify about the figures adduced in his pamphlet, and I understood him to continue to count them representative of the general operation of pieceworking. - "Contemporary Socialism", John Rae.

3) It will modify a good many plans, but better that.... - "The Debit Account", Oliver Onions.