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Spell check of mitigate

Correct spelling: mitigate

clear, heal, lessen, dismiss, ease, alleviate, excuse, palliate, increase, lower, except, stipulate, abate, temper, avenge, vindicate, make amends, subside, lighten, allay, calm, assuage, diminish, relieve, decrease, ameliorate, mollify, apologize, acquit, exonerate, allow, moderate, extenuate, forgive, soothe, reserve, decline, ebb, reduce, modify, kiss away, sugar, absolve, limit, refute, pardon, comfort, exculpate, qualify.

enlarge, develop, continue, extend, enhance, intensify, amplify, heighten, exacerbate, raise, magnify, increase, impair, revive, aggravate, rage, sharpen, injure, hurt, harm, foment.

Examples of usage:

1) He begins his letter by telling the working men that if all they wanted was to mitigate some of the positive evils of their lot, then the Schultze- Delitzsch unions, savings banks, and sick funds were quite sufficient, and there was no need of thinking of anything more. - "Contemporary Socialism", John Rae.

2) In the fourth place, taxation is to be employed directly to mitigate the inequalities of wealth resulting from the present commercial system, and to save and even increase the labourer's income at the expense of the income of other classes. - "Contemporary Socialism", John Rae.

3) This is the only thing she would conceal from you; but as I know the sort of feelings she formerly endeavoured to conceal from me, it is but too probable she has the same fault still, and nothing but trying to extract her feelings from her will cure her, or at least mitigate the evil. - "Lady-John-Russell", MacCarthy, Desmond.