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Spell check of millennium

Correct spelling: millennium

era, time, millenary, epoch, happiness, minute, second, semester, utopia, generation, day, decade, hour, term, year, the Second Coming, golden age, month, kingdom come, lifetime, age, week, century, millisecond.

Examples of usage:

1) " Why, I'm a perfect olive- branch," he concluded, with his dry indulgent laugh; " the very babies stop crying at my approach- I carry a sort of millennium about with me- I'd make my fortune as an agent of the Peace Society. - "The Greater Inclination", Edith Wharton.

2) We have now learned that the formation of the constituencies offers a distinct problem with grave practical effects, and popular government not having brought the millennium that was foretold, men seek a remedy in different methods of combining the voters. - "The Government of England (Vol. I)", A. Lawrence Lowell.

3) Jackson's cabinet itself showed such a falling off, when compared with the cabinets of any of his predecessors, as to justify the caustic criticism that, when he took office, there came in " the millennium of the minnows." - "Thomas Hart Benton", Theodore Roosevelt.