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Spell check of meticulous

Correct spelling: meticulous

fundamental, bleak, sharp, harsh, prim, ascetic, intense, methodical, perspicacious, stark, painstaking, sharp-eyed, cool, mindful, raw, particular, watchful, dour, rigorous, obstinate, brusque, basic, cutting, grim, heedful, demanding, accurate, lean, definite, delicate, scrupulous, proper, discriminating, responsible, blunt, strait-laced, short, frosty, attentive, Spartan, ready, loving, vigilant, stiff-necked, discerning, thoughtful, censorious, flawless, hypercritical, exact, Draconian, intolerant, prudent, abrupt, hidebound, rigid, accept, keen, alert, astringent, conscientious, imperial, dainty, organized, thorough, gruff, dry, acrimonious, precise, regardful, stringent, mincing, observant, right, picky, tart, prepared, piquant, nice, spare, puritanical, austere, Epicurean, finical, qualmish, punctilious, prudish, disciplined, cautious, diligent, stern, brisk, systematic, curt, relentless, acute, inflexible, critical, severe, unbending, correct, exacting, priggish, oppressive, guarded, icy, choosy, obdurate, literal, authoritarian, fastidious, caustic, persnickety, careful, crisp, chilly, finicky, fussy, acerbic, strict, provident, squeamish, uncompromising.

imprecise, unguarded, regardless, apathetic, incautious, slipshod, undemanding, lax, impetuous, negligent, inattentive, halfhearted, rash, careless, lazy, bold, undiscriminating, cursory, indifferent, slovenly, neglectful, lackadaisical, unfastidious, inaccurate, uncritical, mindless, sloppy, unwary, reckless, unsafe, heedless.

Examples of usage:

1) Sitting beside her on the couch and watching her long fingers milky- green with opals, Viznina spoke only of himself, with all the meticulous delicacy of a Wagnerian tenor, and was thoroughly happy playing the part of a tame Tristan. - "Melomaniacs", James Huneker.

2) With such meticulous care was this done that the Battalion had not more than three cases of trench feet during the whole of that winter- a circumstance which reflects much credit on the men. - "The Story of the "9th King's" in France", Enos Herbert Glynne Roberts.

3) She was mechanically meticulous. - "The Pastor's Wife", Elizabeth von Arnim.