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Spell check of match

Correct spelling: match

mirror image, collar, resource, fit in, oppose, conform to, peer, echo, tinge, come across, run into, check up on, score, pair off, the Commonwealth Games, association, go, crown, span, imitation, allude, outfit, dissociate, break point, check into, gimmick, control, link, hubby, couple up, encounter, marriage, live, wedlock, coincide, captain, pit, contact, bear on, picture, hold in, accord, assure, struggle, check out, dyad, replica, morning star, scoff, spitting image, tie, mark off, provide, counterbalance, better half, compeer, sweepstakes, jibe, competition, counterpart, like, couple on, look-alike, take on, connubiality, teammate, fit out, discipline, tote up, stop, spill, partake, set against, watch, allegorize, tourney, jeer, draft in, relate, defend, compare, differentiate, go over, twin, missus, parallel, accord with, meet, see to it, add up, adjoin, fit, change course, tot, converge, ball girl, stir, facsimile, race, companion, helpmate, equate, barrack, determine, consolidate, advert, lady, matrimony, touch on, rack up, close season, man, bye, copy, mark, fellow, the Tempter, safety match, group, light, harmonise, poker, hold back, receive, pair, tournament, alter ego, commissioner, rival, congener, cord, contain, analog, matchstick, contention, break, play, pertain, turn back, bear upon, get together, likeness, gybe, come up with, friction match, touch, fill, missis, sameness, train, doppelgänger, catch, balance, life partner, warfare, get even, piece together, ensure, snap, DNA, coordinate, captaincy, check off, clone, delay, call up, conjugality, insure, approximate, stand for, refer, rapport, suss out, hit, the Davis Cup, hold, sum up, scar, suffer, semblance, learn, tally, bench, apprehension, face-off, yoke, amount to, reconciliation, fuse, see, duplicate, carbon, check over, equip, incendiary, championship, analogue, gather, chequer, war, conflict, challenge, connection, duplication, forgather, contrast, partnership, gibe, taking into custody, half, blend, duet, battle, combat, tick off, partner, juxtapose, come to, tot up, tug-of-war, find out, summate, equivalent, same, ball game, espousal, stone, reach, clash, react, agree, check against, cater to, couplet, rivalry, couple, dogfight, coequal, ascertain, equalize, advantage, resemblance, grab, run across, carbon copy, liken, checker, ball boy, Cup, clay, foregather, two, correlate, curb, satisfy, offer, contradict, married person, add together, chalk up, analogy, daystar, jib, sport, harmonize, equal, closeness, combine, cope with, extend to, matchup, assemble, total, fight back, bout, fulfill, doublet, relations, serve, fulfil, union, mates, event, twosome, look into, complement, check, fight, moderate, match up, mate, connect, duel, similitude, duad, affect, card, distich, team, concern, spouse, grapple, double, represent, tint, chemistry, arrest, accommodate, similarity, contest, approximation, flout, ingredient, duo, fetch, alley, hang together, suit, pinch, add, consort, brace, correspond, be, play off, go with, husband, pock, Lucifer, strife, controvert, alikeness, geminate, haul, tick, tinct, correlative, condition, ringer, supply, disturb, twain, partner off, concord, fight down, equalise, relationship, confrontation, sum, correspondent, constituent, impact, ace, makeup, first mate, concur, checkmate, draft, arrange.

concord, discord, disaccord, disagree, separation, antithesis, contrary, peace, divorce, converse, opposite, annulment, antipode, harmony, reverse.

Examples of usage:

1) I reckon I'm a match for the both of 'em. - "Lonesome Land", B. M. Bower.

2) Strike another match, and let us see where we are. - "The Hilltop Boys on Lost Island", Cyril Burleigh.

3) " Give me a match or two, Jack," said Percival. - "The Hilltop Boys on Lost Island", Cyril Burleigh.