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Spell check of maroon

Correct spelling: maroon

cerise, isolate, avocado, carmine, madder, amber, damask, blushing, amethyst, beige, alabaster, red, ruddy, scarlet, baby-blue, wine-colored, chromatic, carnation, pink, ground, cinnabar, ruby, strand, flushed, quit, forsake, run aground, bluish, brownish-red, black, blue, puce, abandon, vermilion, copper, azure, poppy, crimson, brick, cherry, magenta, desert.

hold, reclaim, own, possess, withhold, have, keep, retain, redeem, neutral, reserve, achromatic, harbor, rescue, save.

Examples of usage:

1) So they were with the Negroes- maroon and imported. - "The Ethnology of the British Colonies and Dependencies", Robert Gordon Latham.

2) As the sound became inaudible, a maroon burst dully at no great distance away. - "The Orchard of Tears", Sax Rohmer.

3) A second maroon gave warning of the approaching air raiders. - "The Orchard of Tears", Sax Rohmer.