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Spell check of manage

Correct spelling: manage

field, oversee, mete out, get it on, handle, pick out, write out, bear off, get on, pull off, serve, see to, superintend, wipe out, extinguish, reign, supervise, have sex, have a go at it, struggle, grasp, spot, make do, dominate, fill out, discern, lie with, recognize, lot, deal out, talk terms, fight, contrive, govern, give care, apportion, steward, bonk, officiate, look after, exercise, fence, control, train, influence, cover, shift, issue, survive, eradicate, divvy up, operate, do by, falsify, guide, get out, contest, have intercourse, decimate, wield, coiffure, bring about, follow, get laid, neck, compete, fill in, make, overlook, draw off, get by, fake, hump, sleep together, behave, command, jazz, portion out, pluck, tend, negotiate, have it away, harness, conduct, look at, bear up, perform, deal, order, carry off, endure, dole out, engineer, cause, parcel out, restrain, consider, Lord, share, do it, pick off, effect, treat, engage in, discipline, master, coordinate, charge, steer, bridle, arrange, coif, like, use, make love, act, answer, regulate, play, take away, negociate, watch, curb, grip, coiffe, get away, instruct, repugn, roll in the hay, make out, know, postulate, maintain, accomplish, tell apart, administer, be intimate, preside, thrive, dish out, palm, wish, carry on, shell out, minister, set, exert, suffice, misrepresent, cut, get off, achieve, complete, sell, finagle, disburse, practice, manipulate, debate, worry, have it off, practise, fare, allot, argue, plow, love, keep, fend, come, fudge, monitor, swing, dress, watch over, quarterback, hack, succeed, draw away, eff, pilot, get along, maneuver, wangle, tweak, work, escape, over, head, administrate, lead, distinguish, bang, rule, do, cope, bed, obey, mastermind, run, annihilate, sleep with, vie, bring off, bear away, dispense, execute, husband, contend, mold, deal with, direct, care for, trade, address, recognise, sway, take over, take, care, hold, boss, carry away, muddle through, grapple, eliminate, distribute, cook.

peter, louse up, yield, submit, decline, botch, obey, mess, scamp, slump, collapse, goof, fall short, mishandle, flounder, fizzle, wane, fail, comply, fumble, give up, foozle, bungle.

Examples of usage:

1) Do you think you can manage that little matter for me, Captain? - "The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)", Charles James Lever.

2) How did you ever manage to get so far? - "Lonesome Land", B. M. Bower.

3) Polycarp and I can manage. - "Lonesome Land", B. M. Bower.