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Spell check of mad

Correct spelling: mad

undiscriminating, sick, haywire, ill, meshuga, bedlam, inflamed, idiotic, pale, furious, half-baked, ghastly, ill-considered, wrathful, keen, irresponsible, livid, enraged, belligerent, nauseous, infuriate, frenetic, worked up, foolish, ballistic, sore, feelings, outraged, steaming, confused, raging, activated, angry, jerky, ferocious, nutty, diminished responsibility, indignant, exasperated, sappy, lunkheaded, pallid, demented, wrong, daft, impulsive, frantic, disgusted, gaga, psychotic, simple-minded, maniac, warm, ludicrous, knowledge, loony tunes, fool, distressed, asinine, certifiable, shirty, wud, riley, babbling, feverish, fruity, crazy, gung ho, unbalanced, displeased, rabid, wan, bananas, unwise, fervent, gruesome, disturbed, childish, daffy, ardent, sane, touchy, blithering, frenzied, dopey, wild, neurotic, excited, screwball, wacko, cuckoo, brainsick, worried, distracted, brainless, cockeyed, hopping, unthinking, half-witted, unearthly, aroused, angered, afflictive, lunatic, bubbleheaded, bipolar, annoyed, crackers, irrational, non compos mentis, foaming, queasy, psycho, crack-brained, horn-mad, insane, dotty, violent, ability, cracked, sick of, zany, slow-witted, off, wroth, maladjusted, fed up, irritated, feisty, schizoid, senseless, disordered, loopy, apoplectic, disquieted, shallow, inept, maniacal, sickish, huffy, cross, imbalanced, harebrained, loony, emotional, batty, mindless, cranky, thick, loco, barmy, ridiculous, painful, fatuous, hallucinating, screwy, hysterical, deranged, macabre, hot, mentally ill, berserk, enthusiastic, crackbrained, witless, fuming, phrenetic, crazed, madding, ireful, laughable, depressed, tomfool, ticked, teed off, moonstruck, calm, fiendish, bughouse, preposterous, delirious, weak-minded, wacky, dippy, absurd, put out, over-the-top, scatty, grim, choleric, thin-skinned, unsound, incensed, empty-headed, brain-sick, fierce, imbecilic, unintelligent, simpleminded, tender, slow, raw, unrestrained, rankled, irate, silly, zealous, nonsensical, riled, nuts, upset, touched, crackpot, mental, buggy, kooky, concern, infuriated, bats, steamed up, tired of, impetuous, softheaded, grisly, moronic, roiled, nauseated, featherheaded, bonkers, cheesed off, balmy, hasty, unhinged, sensitive, distraught.

sympathetic, temperate, smart, pleasant, reasonable, satisfied, peaceable, unperturbed, logical, moderate, cordial, calm, sound, easygoing, subdued, sapient, rational, pacific, undisturbed, well-adjusted, sage, clever, sensible, balanced, sagacious, complaisant, intelligent, tranquil, quiet, brainy, normal, judicious, casual, sane, bright, understanding, clear, unangry, pleased, peaceful, empathetic, low-pressure, happy, good-tempered, amenable, friendly, tame, sweet, accepting, placid, kind, amiable, prudent, tolerant, untroubled, relaxed, lucid, affable, valid, accommodating, content, agreeable, amicable, delighted, healthy, good-natured, obliging, genial, well-advised, unneurotic, compos mentis, serene, wise.

Examples of usage:

1) Yes, Jack had been mad about that woman he had killed; that had been the word used- mad. - "Jane Oglander", Marie Belloc Lowndes.

2) I'll go mad, dear, if I have to stand it all night! - "My Lady of the Chimney Corner", Alexander Irvine.

3) She thought she'd hold back your invitations until the last minute; then maybe you would get mad and not go to the dance. - "Marjorie Dean High School Freshman", Pauline Lester.