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Spell check of lucre

Correct spelling: lucre

network, net profit, kale, earnings, chicken feed, moolah, chou, internet, lollipop, profit, greenback, meshing, scraping, cacography, funds, cole, abrasion, assets, long green, dinero, silver, sterling, ingot, spending money, net income, salary, cultivated cabbage, nugget, mesh, dollar, dirty money, tender, gain, win, wampum, saccharide, scratching, legal tender, plunder, slit, pillage, treasure, shekels, meshwork, note, carbohydrate, wherewithal, moola, starting line, booty, IOU, staff of life, borecole, simoleons, refined sugar, peag, green, bank note, coupon, promissory note, issue, coinage, bread, net, scribble, lettuce, stops, winnings, gross, clams, payoff, coin, cash, money order, scar, dough, gold, kail, prize, pocket money, breadstuff, incision, gelt, ice lolly, pounds, colewort, start, needful, stock, wad, fortune, swag, petty cash, proceeds, excoriation, cabbage, scratch, boodle, jack, wampumpeag, change, copper, money, net worth, loot, currency, purse, ways and means, scrawl, sugar, spoils, chips, pay, worth, wealth, brass, bucks, return, draft, bankroll, cyberspace, wage, receipts, pelf, capital, balance sheet, dent, lolly, mark, bond, mazuma, popsicle, scrape, bullion, bill, banknote, income, remuneration, check, profits, wallet.

disbursement, loss, expenditure, cost, outlay, outgo, charge, expense.

Examples of usage:

1) " Bad lot" as he was, no thought of lucre crossed the Savage's mind; he forgot even Stephen and the cowardly trick he had played him, and remembered only that he was looking his last on the old man, who, after his kind, had been good, and so far as his nature would allow it, generous to him. - "Only One Love, or Who Was the Heir", Charles Garvice.

2) I call him Filthy Lucre! - "The History of "Punch"", M. H. Spielmann.

3) Having made trials upon ourselves until we were tired of the subjects, and with satisfactory results, we considered ourselves sufficiently advanced to begin; and as we intended to practice for the love of the art, and not for lucre, we held that we had a right to select our subjects. - "Incidents of Travel in Yucatan, Vol. I.", John L. Stephens.