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Spell check of loco

Correct spelling: loco

distraught, roughened, round the bend, buggy, psychotic, whacky, chapped, loopy, unsound, bats, wud, non compos mentis, nuts, haywire, bananas, goofy, over-the-top, balmy, silly, wrong, unhinged, mad, wacky, screwy, bonkers, wild, bughouse, scatty, cockamamie, barmy, cracked, loony tunes, amiss, meshuga, zesty, fruity, sappy, nutty, bedlam, mentally ill, crackbrained, mental, around the bend, certifiable, brainsick, alligatored, kookie, demented, disordered, wacko, insane, off, laughable, sane, ridiculous, crackpot, crazy, kooky, dotty, deranged, touched, batty, daffy, of unsound mind, daft, maniac, loony, mild, nutlike, moonstruck, ludicrous, cockamamy, unbalanced, maniacal, cranky, cuckoo, childish, crazed, soft, awry, psycho, gaga, zestful, yeasty, zany, crackers, lunatic.

healthy, reasonable, normal, rational, wise, compos mentis, judicious, unneurotic, sane, lucid, sound, balanced, clear, sensible, well-adjusted.

Examples of usage:

1) Don't I stand in loco parentis to the girl? - "Flowing Gold", Rex Beach.

2) I know they say every man has his loco point," Mr. Bunner added reflectively, " but that doesn't mean genuine, sure- enough craziness; it just means some personal eccentricity in a man ... - "The Woman in Black", Edmund Clerihew Bentley.

3) Now, do we get that loco? - "The Border Boys Across the Frontier", Fremont B. Deering.