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Spell check of load

Correct spelling: load

loads, bale, clog, oodles, reduce, volume, freight, vitiate, sheaf, consign, net, good deal, alloy, potful, charge, corrupt, bear down, scad, nett, scads, basketful, lode, bogey, debase, shoot down, encumbrance, profusion, pile, dispatch, round, onus, preventative, canker, dry-clean, adulterate, commove, carload, anxiety, hindrance, extend, lashings, unfold, box, bushel, dock, stretch along, counterweight, bundle, turn on, ladle, attend, file, plentitude, plenty, big, bugaboo, impost, burn, ammunition, pressure, misdirect, plenitude, dry cleaner's, excite, gist, much, call, haul, plateful, freightage, parcel, bill of entry, loading, preventive, spate, lot, shoot, look, commitment, institutionalise, hear, payload, cancer, core, myriad, back up, institutionalize, mess, collaboration, part, shell, light, draft, career, archive, effect, weight, mass, hang up, charge up, bury, background, incumbrance, pervert, mountain, buck, wad, bogie, explosion, hundred, contents, buoyancy, essence, load up, obligation, blame, reams, bottle, accuse, heap, lightness, cargo, embed, business, pack, debauch, drip-dry, lading, committal, fistful, dozen, projectile, deal, bill of lading, author, dhobi, million, cover, wealth, fight, discharge, clip, listen, stretch out, delegation, dilute, quantity, point, stack, demoralise, lightweight, trillion, ton, block, demons, trust, let off, calling, hitch, subvert, bill, over, ream, gob, aim, lade, burden, slew, come off, division of labor, incubus, chunk, bucket, entomb, shot, come out, stowage, stretch, saddle, air, hinderance, zillion, delivery, capacity, consignment, peck, duty, thin out, crate, rouse, boatload, interference, fire, hang out, burn in, amount, profane, despatch, shipload, cut, lodge, heavy, jillion, send, passel, barrel, store, center, demoralize, fire off, yard, gobs, concern, laden, bed, powder, shipment, capture, measurement, stow, bugbear, tear, bag, warhead, bunch, truckload, cram, blanket, elongate, browse, density, sight, boil, call up, agitate, commit, thin, raft, multiplicity, dense, take a look at, freight rate, abundance, appoint, open up, carrier, dead weight, access, deprave, appointment, impedimenta, level, carriage.

granule, shadow, tad, want, meagerness, dash, lack, scantness, lick, mote, scarceness, glimmer, scarcity, little, absence, inadequacy, peanuts, sprinkling, offload, drop, scrap, nip, scruple, atom, flyspeck, undersupply, fleck, hint, dearth, whit, section, iota, dram, pittance, ray, molecule, famine, ace, pinch, driblet, taste, deficiency, smidgen, morsel, handful, touch, shade, trace, shortage, scantiness, deficit, grain, shot, dot, spot, tittle, mouthful, particle, smattering, streak, poverty, piece, strain, bit, insufficiency, scintilla, suspicion, speck, ounce, portion, paucity, dab, nubbin, crumb, mite, modicum, shred, smatter, fragment, unload, sprinkle, jot, skimpiness.

Examples of usage:

1) " They have such a load I wish Clara could ride with us," said Betty. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

2) I know- I have seen- to take them to drink and eat, and take from them the load- the burden. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

3) What a load you have borne for me- my little Betty- all this time- what a load! - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.