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Spell check of line

Correct spelling: line

parameter, discover, imbibe, realm, rail line, cable, program, tack, enclose, T square, twine, follicle, caper, epithelial duct, aviation, course of instruction, quarter, column, ruler, caudex, billet, fund, course of study, envelop, conversation, forebear, ilk, caste, detachment, counterpoint, livestock, contention, account, viewpoint, employment, government note, nervous strain, principle, marches, suck up, coda, axis, contrast, circuit, length, type, ware, moving in, domain, no-man's-land, inside lane, position, fathers, disputation, circle, transmission line, cable length, cue, specialty, declination, song, blanket, beginning, row, framework, cast, barony, front, occupancy, air, disinformation, filament, note of hand, carpool lane, tone, pad, queue, clearinghouse, range, logic, produce, passage, derivative, class, wares, origination, overseas telegram, hound, artery, notation, means, list, crown, personal line of credit, attract, tube, force, penstock, contestation, foot, preeminence, occupation, gillyflower, pull, craft, department, spot, exeunt, arrangement, argumentation, line of descent, short letter, tie, heredity, category, railway system, arguing, diameter, cell, part, fissure, aside, pull back, matter, file, pin up, banker's bill, follow, course of action, variety, bank bill, ring, source, thread, chain reaction, letter, bend, phone line, pass, limn, label, concatenation, beauty mark, rank, sop up, calling, soak up, baggage room, rule, yardstick, grain, fief, extraction, house, furrow, parentage, business enterprise, button, armada, correspondence, magazine, reap, linkage, micrometer, var., alter, gauge, accompaniment, firmament, leader, chore, ideal, call waiting, patronage, battalion, gamut, rootage, catalogue, brand name, tier, cloverleaf, declension, tonal pattern, interline, rakehell, genotype, plan, dial, stripe, pull out, groove, television channel, consecutiveness, mark, simple eye, subscriber line, epidermis, BT, command, cadence, angle, rope, lacing, kind, course, variant, background, gentle wind, cord, blood, cable television service, derivation, collaboration, telephone line, wire, constraint, progression, people, straining, top, pipeline, brokerage, tune, striving, lay, berth, terrain, stamp, consultancy, blue pages, persuasion, direct contrast, flesh, family tree, pedigree, trace, ceiling, recover, logical argument, strap, pull in, delegation, aura, answering service, cablegram, crack den, air travel, bon mot, by-line, consequence, turn up, array, theory, flourish, bound, strain, extent, family, breeding, check, task, attack, bromide, draw and quarter, avalanche, tape measure, profession, kingdom, literary argument, telephone wire, clientele, misinformation, inside track, lane, get, stock, train, buffer, enclosure, order, blood line, area, crescendo, telephone circuit, business concern, message, state line, epistle, pattern, patter, descendant, starting line, telegraph wire, restraint, bed, channel, call, call center, line of merchandise, bank line, surround, inception, brigade, attention line, delineate, coat, end product, steps, business, chord, protractor, absorb, annotation, bury, flexure, banknote, kris, cable's length, comment, sideline, addiction, encircle, fabrication, line of reasoning, branch line, byplay, cable system, greenback, lineup, beauty spot, parenthood, copy, boundary, safety belt, allusion, merchandise, breakbeat, street, excerpt, abuse, key out, pack, rip, embroider, gunstock, half-truth, group, link, clean, describe, inclined plane, railway, legacy, trench, nisus, mold, arpeggio, identify, the home stretch, railroad line, airwave, consecution, courtesy phone, stress, corner, cutting, invention, bloodline, crackhouse, name, antecedents, creese, tribe, verge, control, everywhere, get out, proceedings, precinct, belief, mindset, trend, credit line, delimitate, answering machine, cordon, specify, annex, clan, musical note, feeder, commitment, mend, decipher, 3G, planned, pains, forbear, kindred, retrace, block, process, filiation, log, side, 4G, calipers, cold turkey, profligate, key, trough, office, answer, afterthought, phylum, concessionaire, constructor, path, face, seam, melodic line, way, division of labor, tilt, phalanx, ancestor, decline, roue, postcard, eviscerate, square, business sector, the Channel Tunnel, telegraph line, downslope, railway line, demarcation, distinction, term, define, arena, landmark, contingent, come on, back talk, lie, stitch, margin, taxonomy, action, branch, tracing, thought, sequel, crinkle, port of entry, marge, business line, disposition, hunt, diagonal, philosophy, kin, pursuit, airline, crease, constantly, breeze, mind, business organization, bank note, cavalry, withdraw, series, automaker, folks, sphere, debate, railroad, acknowledgment, denomination, distinguish, fall, stage business, grade, attachment, military control, start, involvement, stock certificate, smooth, box, commodity, puff, rubber band, bill, demarcation line, broth, caller ID, melodic phrase, speech, division, contents, rash, amendment, situation, depict, plication, falsehood, generation, draw, backchat, eminence, comedown, agate line, succession, duct, collection agency, wad, extension, material, fiefdom, limit, route, ocellus, view, employ, perspective, sextant, clip, technique, designation, promissory note, bleeper, disembowel, straightedge, ridge, line of work, sew, seed, field, sort, element, blank, neckcloth, policy, rod, trade, appointment, stemma, linage, limitation, job, drag, scale, scene, compass, cable television, caterer, straight, annexe, chat line, racket, restriction, track, white lie, distribution channel, engulf, work, dependence, beeper, byproduct, bookseller, arc, flow, word of mouth, chain, border, run along, advance guard, straightaway, conduit, birthmark, chicane, corps, bike lane, smother, style, commercial enterprise, zephyr, territory, drain, line of credit, transportation, tenor, walk, make, feather, canal, line of products, detail, controversy, stage direction, holder, pragmatism, untruth, set, breed, domino effect, company, procession, genus, discipline, connection, bailiwick, run, subsequence, take out, barb, mental strain, field of operation, kettle, classification, inlay, end, store, kinsfolk, post, school of thought, calling card, province, rake, origin, string, sequence, delimit, fold, descent, band, exit, report, insulate, art, inventory, idea, completely, birth, business organisation, brand, grapevine, game, frontier, confines, lineage, methodology, disceptation, freckle, prompt, genealogy, pathway, bust, good, faith, spring, call divert, cover, draw off, atmosphere, take in, pole, contain, problem, wrap, form, industry, line of business, race, brand leader, dividing line, edge, lace, root, bourne, horizontal, central reservation, career, place, draw in, kinfolk, take up, concern, call forwarding, transmission channel, crocodile, card, scar, crimp, motorcade, level, wrinkle, farm animal, outline, dispatch, ancestry, degree, personal credit line, let out, direction, product line, assembly line, demesne, barrier, descant, cavalcade, caravan, authenticator, bicycle lane, procedure, concept, guide, statement, approach, strip, bourn, road, modus operandi, species, precede, formation, hem in, words, vernier, communication channel, melody, stick, cap, vocation, cuticle, note, step, transit, dermis, camber, termination, curvature, production line, cameraphone, declivity, reply, argument.

descent, estate, issue, birth, posterity, inside, citadel, successor, progeny, avocation, pedigree, extraction, territory, hobby, origin, heir, inheritor, seed, child, offspring, son, interior, pursuit, ancestry, region, land, center.

Examples of usage:

1) This was something new in the circus line, and it made a hit with the audience. - "Leo the Circus Boy", Ralph Bonehill.

2) We were in his line of vision and he made for us. - "My Lady of the Chimney Corner", Alexander Irvine.

3) I answered it, but she hasn't written me a line since. - "Marjorie Dean High School Freshman", Pauline Lester.