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Spell check of leave off

Correct spelling: leave off

determine, go, leave, abstain, close, eject, draw, dead-end, extract, bar, keep out, conclude, lay off, withdraw, expire, cut out, invite out, omit, halt, abandon, pretermit, buy food, intermit, unpack, excerpt, draw off, break, shut off, pull, wink, terminate, pull out, debar, pull up, desist, pass, move out, shut, elapse, cease, remove, pack, drop, turf out, give over, knock off, finish, chuck out, exclude, stop, turn out, discontinue, refrain, break off, die, pause, except, wind up, overlook, get out, cut off, check, draw out, take out, take away, boot out, leave out, demur, quit, can, ask out, lapse, break up, give up, let up, end, overleap, shut out, miss, neglect.

drive, keep up, initiate, institute, carry on, inaugurate, proceed, include, propel, follow through, enter upon, advance, originate, stir, actuate, continue, extend, persist, commence, start, prolong, protract, draw out, set about, hang on, run on, progress, impel, begin.