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Spell check of leading

Correct spelling: leading

trail, frontal, harnessing, directing, managing, wind, knowledge, well-known, overriding, famed, primary, starring, above, directional, administering, preceding, A-1, great, signal, presiding, pencil lead, head, lead, champion, headmost, disciplining, steer, directive, leash, lede, bossing, supereminent, foreshadowing, lead story, anteceding, prime, overmastering, front-most, grand, baton, empowering, foremost, principal, quintessential, huge, superintending, front, introducing, steering, paramount, bridling, purposeful, jumper cable, number one, guiding, pressuring, furthest, better, highest, furthermost, senior, ruling, antedating, prima, conducting, vanguard, central, key, come in, main, eminent, most, elite, advance, capital, powerful, uppermost, supreme, high-flying, track, antecedent, successful, up, predominating, first, crowning, motivational, masterful, consummate, overbearing, foregoing, prejudicial, facial, jumper lead, spark advance, popular, mastering, maximum, notorious, leadership, dash, biasing, supervising, executing, ascendant, influencing, dead heat, top, motivating, forerunning, cardinal, triumphant, prior, leaders, numero uno, introduction, star, distinguished, ordering, hint, king, dominating, avant-garde, authorizing, overseeing, superior, zenith, thriving, predating, confidential information, important, atomic number 82, false start, clock, famous, prelude, heading off, chosen, master, lead-in, drop back, trail-blazing, affecting, preeminent, tip, best, arch, high, premier, choice, chief, big, swaying, powering, influential, come, lording, prejudicing, piloting, dominant, pioneering, greatest, major, controlling, stellar, anticipating, authoritative, heading, brilliant, primal, ahead, tether, governing, sovereign, predominant, commanding, in the lead.

following, trivial, negligible, ancillary, inferior, pursuing, subordinate, last, down, lower, inconsiderable, collateral, lowly, assisting, least, assistant, subsidiary, coadjutor, insignificant, secondary, lesser, junior, trifling, inconsequential, slight, less, second, unimportant, minor, under, deputy.

Examples of usage:

1) Immediately after that Kali, who heard the shot not far from the camp and knew that the " Bwana kubwa" never fired in vain, came leading a horse to carry away the game. - "In Desert and Wilderness", Henryk Sienkiewicz.

2) All things were now leading up to it, for July had come, and the days, while really long, passed quickly. - "The Man from Jericho", Edwin Carlile Litsey.

3) Trail the leading horse for the first half mile, then go to the front and stay there! - "The Man from Jericho", Edwin Carlile Litsey.