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Spell check of lazybones

Correct spelling: lazybones

good-for-nothing, ne'er-do-well, slacker, beggar, deadbeat, bum, sponger, vagrant, mopes, loafer, idler, mooch, goof-off, lingerer, couch potato, scrounger, do-nothing, no-good, moocher, dawdler, wastrel, drone, slug, mendicant, lounge lizard, sluggard, lotus-eater, slowpoke, slouch, goldbrick, panhandler, slugabed, mope, industrious, layabout, freeloader, loiterer, do-little.

doer, rustler, highflier, hummer, powerhouse, self-starter, achiever, go-getter, comer, go-ahead, live wire.

Examples of usage:

1) Here, Lazybones, take this to the lady." - "The Chickens of Fowl Farm", Lena E. Barksdale.

2) Lazybones never objected to taking mail to Lady Gray, because she always gave him something. - "The Chickens of Fowl Farm", Lena E. Barksdale.

3) He had been giving Lazybones some instructions about digging sweet potatoes, which he had offered to pay him for. - "The Chickens of Fowl Farm", Lena E. Barksdale.