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Spell check of laggardly

Correct spelling: laggardly

leisurely, slowly, sluggishly, pokily, tardily.

hastily, immediately, pronto, briskly, readily, presto, full tilt, swift, recklessly, apace, rashly, impetuously, swiftly, meteorically, rapidly, impulsively, posthaste, speedily, fleetly, quickly, suddenly, promptly, snappily, abruptly, soon, quick, fast.

Examples of usage:

1) Mrs. Worthington was the first to the rescue, while Lulu, who had listened with flashing eye when Hugh was the subject of remark, came laggardly, whispering slyly to Alice: " That's a lie she done tell you about Mas'r Hugh. - "Bad Hugh", Mary Jane Holmes.

2) Labor brings contentment and with it the years would not pass so laggardly. - "Lily Pearl and The Mistress of Rosedale", Ida Glenwood.

3) Great clouds in career across the valley momentarily caught and dung to the crags, but let fall no frost, and as the sun rose laggardly above the dazzlingly white wall, the snow- laden pines on the lower slopes appeared delicate as lace with distance. - "A Daughter of the Middle Border", Hamlin Garland.